Greg Roskopf’s MAT® Master’s Program Agreement

Physical Participation Waiver of Liability

I understand that physical participation in any demonstration, whether it be actual hands on techniques or classroom examples of MAT concepts is optional, and I will be responsible for determining my own readiness and ability to participate. I understand that it is my responsibility to decline participation for any reason, be it physical, emotional, or otherwise. I recognize that all participants are practicing the MAT techniques; therefore they are not skilled at these techniques. Knowing this, I assume all risk and responsibility for any and all physical activity (or the lack thereof) I perform before, during, and/or after the educational program that I am attending. I agree to hold harmless MAT and all other students, from and against any and all liability, costs or expenses they may incur as a result of my failure to comply with or abide by the provisions of this Agreement, or the failure of any representation or warranty included in this Agreement to be true and correct as of the date made and I assume all responsibility for my actions.

Intellectual Property Acknowledgement

I understand the domestic and international laws of copyright and trademark apply to the materials and presentations I receive from, within, and during any and all MAT programs.

I understand that my use of the information, concepts, theories, speculations, and specific applications of known science as well as the methods of teaching and presentations I receive in written or electronic material, oral presentation or physical demonstration is limited to:

  • direct client and/or patient use and applications (whether it be group exercise, one-on-one exercise/treatment or some combination of the foregoing)
  • equipment analysis for purchases

I understand that this information is not to be used for:
Publication in books, magazines, manuals, video, etc., equipment design and/or manufacture, industry lectures, or directly or indirectly informing other industry leaders, presenters, authors, students, etc.

At all times I will endeavor to avoid misrepresentation of the MAT Program through inaccurate statements regarding the information or perspectives of the program, its underlying science or principles or its faculty.

If the occasion should arise wherein I wish to or am required to utilize anything I receive or learn from MAT Programs for industry/mass education, presentation, or publication I will not only reference the source appropriately, but will contact MAT in writing and present the exact statements and context of use for prior approval.