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Canada Client Intake

Aug 14, 2014 - Aug 17, 2014

Prerequisite: Certified MAT™ Specialist

You have been practicing MAT™ and sharing in the successes and frustrations of using it to help people. MAT™ provides so many great tools. With great tools comes great responsibility. The MAT™ process creates mechanical stresses and has significant implications for individuals that may be more sensitive to the mechanical loading processes of MAT.

The process for screening clients and choosing the best tool at the right time in order get to the solutions your clients need efficiently, and prevent exceeding sensitivity thresholds, requires gathering accurate information, micro-assessment, patience and skill. Combine this with liability concerns, educating clients, marketing MAT™ services to your community and communicating with other health care providers it is no wonder many MAT™ Practitioners quickly get overwhelmed in their practice.

Learn about a methodology and system developed that fully integrates the MAT™ toolbox, marketing, sales, data collection, client education, and medical communication into a streamlined delivery model that also improves learning the MAT™ skills. It will be a great career accelerating course for getting ideas on how to improve your service model and also provide for interesting discussion on pre-session, intra-session, inter-session decision making and MAT™ tool application. Discover new ways to think about integrating Cervical Influencing Screening, TMJ Procedures, H & I Tests, Cervical Segmental Assessment, and Lovett Brother concepts. MAT™ is an exercise-based methodology. Find out strategic ways to move “off the table” and integrate dynamic exercise into your client process.

Stop relying on the risky “just get ’em on the table and do it” dog and pony show and learn a sales process that ensures that your prospect is on the same page with you – or not – as you both choose to move forward together, or decide that your process is not appropriate for their circumstance.

Learn to build a solid, self-sustaining, and duplicable system for ensuring your success and the success of the Specialists who work with you.


Aug 14, 2014
Aug 17, 2014
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