MAT™ was founded on the principle that human movement and exercise are fundamental to human health and that a muscle’s ability to contract efficiently is important for normal movement. Any loss of muscle contraction efficiency may be demonstrated as a loss of motion and decreased physical performance, which may lead to pain and/or the loss of physical capabilities.

MAT™ is a specific and unique process for evaluating an individual’s ability to develop efficient muscle contraction(s) by first comparing left and right side range of motion, as the human body is designed to be symmetrical.

If a movement is determined to be asymmetrical (i.e. one limb has a greater range of motion than then opposite limb) as determined by the Comparative Assessment of Mobility or CAM, then we know that one or more muscles that moves the less mobile limb is potentially weak. The muscles that are responsible for moving the limb further are then assessed by the MAT™ Specialist to determine if they have lost the ability to contract efficiently.

When it has been determined through testing that a muscle has lost its ability to contract, then precise forces are applied to restore that muscle’s efficiency, re-activating that muscle. As muscles are restored to efficient contraction, MAT™ uses a system of accountability (checks and balances) to ensure that any increases in motion and symmetry are accompanied by improvements in a muscle’s contractile ability.

MAT™ does not force change on the body but instead works with it to make improvements, causing changes in motion via improvements in muscle contraction. An MAT™ specialist listens to your body’s responses and changes their treatment decisions based on these responses. Each client is treated as an individual with their own muscular weaknesses and compensation patterns. Therefore, no treatment session is ever the same.

MAT™ does not diagnose or treat pathology, but works to improve a muscle’s contractile capabilities and the resulting range of motion and strength of that muscle/limb. By improving these aspects, a person will see an increased ability for exercise and physical performance.

MAT™ differentiates itself from other techniques because it never attempts to directly lengthen or change the muscle by stretching, heating, kneading, or foam rolling. MAT™ is not trying to “relax” muscle, but instead tries to “activate” the muscle, so that your body is better prepared to handle the forces that come from exercise and every day movements.

  • Determine whether or not the brain is properly signaling to your muscles to contract when necessary
  • Identify which muscles are not receiving neural input  by performing range of motion tests
  • Improve the stability of your joints by reactivating muscles and their ability to contract on demand
  • Provide a checks and balances system to make sure that any time mobility is increased, there is appropriate input and therefore contraction during this motion

Yes! MAT™ is a precise and focused exercise process that can be used as an adjunct to any number of other exercise processes. MAT™ can help an individual prepare for exercise, help someone sustain an exercise program and support rehabilitation for certain conditions when deemed appropriate by medical providers.

The Jumpstart Program introduces the fundamental concepts of MAT. It provides professionals with the ability to assess for positional weaknesses and monitor how the body handles forces. In the Jumpstarts, students will learn specific isometric exercises designed to increase stability. Many people choose to take the Jumpstarts as a introduction to the Specialist Program and to determine if MAT™ fits with his or her practice. The Jumpstart program is 3 weekends long (one weekend module a month for 3 months).

The MAT™ Specialists Program is our certification program. A student needs to complete this course in order to test and become a MAT™ Certified Specialist who will then be recognized and listed on our website as a practitioner that we have certified. In these courses, students learn to assess for isolated weaknesses, learning muscle tests for nearly every muscle in the body. Students will attain the skills to activate every muscle throughout the body through very specific palpation techniques. Due to the complexity of the skill set needed to identify every potential muscle weakness in the body, the Specialist Program is a much more extensive education process, spanning 8 weekends (one weekend a month for 8-10 months).

Each of the MAT™ education programs are comprised of theory and practical application, so there is not an online learning option available at this time.

The Specialist Program consists of eight weekends total; seven of these weekends are 3-day weekends and one of them is a 4-day weekend.  These eight weekend sessions are conducted over a period of 9 to 10 months.  This gives our students ample time between modules to fully review and comprehend all of the content we deliver to them in each respective module.

The Muscle Activation Techniques™ Jumpstart program.is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and American Council of Exercise (ACE) as a Continuing Education Provider. Our provider information is as follows:

1.6 ACE CECs – Course #CEP115378

1.6 NASM CEU’s – Provider # 584


The MAT™ Jumpstart is not our MAT™ Specialist certification program, but there is an optional exam available for Jumpstart students. Once you complete all three Jumpstart modules, and pass the written and practical portion of the optional Jumpstart exam, you will receive a certificate indicating that you are MAT™ Jumpstart Certified.  MAT™ will begin to display Jumpstart Certified students on its website directory in the near future.

The cost is $425 per module of the Jumpstart Course. If you register and pay for the entire series (3 modules), the price is reduced to $1149 (this is a $126 discount). We highly encourage all Jumpstart students to take the Jumpstart exam after you have completing the three modules. The cost for the exam is $75 (this fee includes both the written and practical portions).  MAT™ will begin including all Jumpstart Certified students on its website directory in the near future.

The MAT™ Jumpstart program currently does not have a CEC (continuing Education Credits) requirement to retain your Jumpstart certification.

The Jumpstart Program consists of three 2-day weekends, which take place over the course of about 3 to 4 months. Lower Body is the first module, Upper Body is the second module, and Trunk & Spine is the third module.

If you are interested in hosting a MAT™ Specialist program or Jumpstart program please contact our Education & Marketing  team at 303-745-4270 or email info@muscleactivation.com.  As a prospective host, we will discuss the space, timing, and support requirements for each event.  Additionally, as a host you will have certain local marketing commitments to uphold to ensure that your hosted event meets the minimum requirement for number of students per  class.

The Jumpstart course is designed for students coming from any background. A background or degree in the exercise, sport science, biology, and anatomy fields is beneficial, but NOT required. The techniques and pace of this class are accessible to anyone interested and motivated to learn!