Masters Program

  • Any MAT® master level workshop, (these are displayed in the Education/Master level section of the website)
    • Lower Body Masters
    • Upper Body Masters
    • Foot Function Masters
    • Wrist and Hand Masters
    • Trunk and Spine Masters
    • MAT® Online Refresher course through Broadview University


  • Any MAT® Specialist Program weekend module, Online Refresher course module or MAT® Jumpstart weekend module is an approved option every OTHER calendar year.

To maintain your certification each year you need to complete 16 hours of  approved Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and keep an updated copy of your liability insurance on file with MAT® at all times.


MAT® prefers that you take at least one MAT® Master level class per year.  In order to accommodate the busy schedules of our practitioners, MAT® only requires that you take one MAT® master level class at least every other year and supplement the alternate year with an MAT® Jumpstart or MAT® Specialist Program Module Weekend .  Please reference our MAT® Master Level course offerings to see the courses that you can take to fulfill your master level CEU’s for MAT®.


If you failed to keep the proper updated insurance on file, submitting a current/updated liability insurance with MAT® listed as additionally insured will correct this and enable you to be eligible to be reinstated as Certified.

If you were unable to take the required MAT® Continuing Education courses within the required time frame you will need to register and complete an MAT® Master Level Class prior to being eligible to be considered a Certified MAT® practitioner again.

If you go over two years without taking a required Continuing Education Class, you need to retake your MAT® Specialists Certification practical exam prior to being allowed into a Master level class. Once you pass that exam you will need to complete a Master level workshop and then you will be back in good standing.


Currently, our Master level classes are hosted in Denver and several other MAT® hub locations across the US. Jumpstarts and Specialist Program weekends are offered in various locations around the world. Our Online Specialist Modules are completely available online, except for the required weekend lab hosted at the MAT® World Headquarters in Denver, CO.

Complete the following courses:

  • MAT® Masters Lower BODY

  • MAT® masters Upper BODY

  • Mat® masters Trunk & Spine

  • Mat® masters Foot Function

  • Mat® masters Wrist & Hand

  • Mat® masters CERVICAL

  • Mat® Jumpstart Series: Lower Body, Upper Body, and Trunk & Spine

Pass a 120-minute Practical and Oral exam 

  • Must wait 60 days after completing all pre-requisites to schedule the exams
  • The cost for the exam is $400.  To register for the final exam, please log into your account and visit the following link: Master Specialist exam registration.
  • PASS or FAIL grade will be given and you will be required to retest if a “FAIL” grade is given

The school does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, or disability.

All Prospective students must be at least 18 years of age and at a minimum, have a High School Diploma. MAT® students will be required to sign a student waiver prior to the class beginning. As a part of this, the students will be required to affirm their receipt of a High School Diploma or GED and confirming that they are 18 years or older.

Continuing Education Requirements

In order for students to have success with MAT® and to ensure that MAT® clients receive a consistent level of service, we require continual reinforcement in the application of skills involved in order to perform the techniques. Therefore, in order to maintain status as a Certified MAT® Specialist on the MAT® website and have access to MAT® marketing materials, practitioners are required to complete 16 hours of continuing education (usually over a 2 day period) from an MAT® course of instruction per year.  Currently, these courses are only available through MAT® and are only taught in Denver, Colorado.  The current tuition ranges from $425 to $549 for these courses.

Prospective Master Specialist Students are required to have completed the MAT® Specialist Program.

Prospective MATRx® students are invited to this course based on these primary criteria:  Currently a Certified MAT® Master Specialist, Certified MAT® Specialists may be considered as long as they have two years of experience, completed at least 4 Master classes, including both the Masters Foot Function and Wrist and Hand program in the past 24 calendar months and have been an active MAT® practitioner for over 24 months.