MAT Team

  • CEO/Founder

    Greg Roskopf

    Greg Roskopf has devoted his career to the study of the “cause and effect” of the muscular system and how it relates to pain. As the author of the Roskopf Principle and the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques® he has developed a program (MAT®) that fills the gap between the medical and the exercise fields. He has applied his MAT® technique to patients and taught MAT® certification courses for decades.

    Greg works with clients of various levels of physical capabilities. Greg has also worked as a consultant for various professional sports teams including: the Denver Broncos, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets.

  • MATRx® Full Body Specialist

    Miguel Ramirez

    If you are lucky enough to spend time in Miguel’s care, you will learn that he is a phenomenal photographer, enjoys staying active by cycling and finding the nearest pickup basketball or volleyball game and has lately taken an interest in learning muay thai. However, his passion which becomes quickly evident, is the human body. […]

  • MAT® Rx Full Body Specialist, Jumpstart and Specialist Instructor

    Eric Seifert

    Jumpstart and Specialist Program Instructor: Eric Seifert is one of Canada’s leading professionals regarding muscular function and health. He holds a Mastery Level designation within the Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) discipline as well as the Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) program.  He was asked to assist in the first ever MAT® Rx class filled with the top […]

  • MATRx® Full Body Specialist, Instructor of Masters and Specialist Programs

    Megan Leyba

    After being introduced to MAT®, Megan developed a passion for helping others to see the benefits of this incredible technique.

  • MATRx® Full Body Specialist

    Rich Rife

    Imagine having power adaptable to training hard in the valley, then playing hard in the mountains.  If you desire developing alpine power for mountaineering, skiing or other mountain activities, then being guided by Rich through your vulnerabilities may be the path you need to keep playing in the mountains forever. Clients working with Rich experience […]

  • Honorary Lifetime Jumpstart Instructor

    Peter Chiasson (1970-2012)

    HONORARY LIFETIME JUMPSTART INSTRUCTOR: Peter had over 20 years in the health and wellness industry, and was one of the most educated and experienced health professionals in Canada. Peter was a Certified Muscle Activation Techniques® Specialist, had a Masters designation with the Resistance Training Specialist program and was an RTS Instructor. Peter was also a […]

  • PT, DPT, MATRx® Full Body Specialist, Instructor of Masters, Specialist, and Jumpstart Programs

    Dr. Eryn Paetz

    Dr. Eryn Paetz is a MATRx® Full Body Specialist, has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and is Co-Owner of Rock Solid Physical Therapy, Powered by MAT®.

  • MAT® Rx Foot and Hand Specialist, Specialist Program Instructor & Jumpstart Instructor

    Aaron Lakanen

    Aaron Lakanen is a dedicated and passionate fitness professional, entering the field in 1999. He has spent his entire career learning more about the human body, the greatest creation, to best serve his clients and students in their desire to seek optimal function and performance. Beginning his career in Minnesota as a trainer, he was […]

  • PT, DPT, MATRx® Full Body Specialist, Instructor of Masters, Specialist, and Jumpstart Programs

    Dr. Ryan Coufal

    Dr. Ryan Coufal is an MATRx® Full Body Specialist and holds his B.S. in Exercise Science and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy, both from the University of New Mexico.

  • MATRx® Full Body Specialist

    Ilya Fishman

    Ilya has spent the last decade working in the field of fitness and health. Playing competitive basketball in his youth created a lifelong love of fitness and most importantly the need to have optimal fitness to thrive in life. He knew to fully achieve total success in athletics or life, the body had to be […]

  • MAT®Rx Foot and Hand Specialist, Specialist Program Instructor & Jumpstart Instructor

    Charlie Cates

    Char­lie Cates is a Muscle Activation Techniques® certified master specialist (MAT®m), a mastery level Resistance Training Specialist™ with honors (RTSmh), and a Cer­ti­fied Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  He is also a candidate for a Masters of Science degree in Exercise Science from Northeastern Illinois University. Charlie attained a Bachelor of […]

  • MAT®Rx Foot and Hand Specialist, Specialist Program Instructor & Jumpstart Instructor

    Omar Castillo

    For more than a decade Omar Castillo has been helping people achieve their health goals at Sport City, Mexico’s largest fitness chain. His work as a Personal Trainer has been featured in fitness magazines and newspaper such as Balance, Reforma & Universal. Omar studied Architecture in the ITESM – CEM and continues studying Sports Science […]

  • MAT®Rx Foot and Hand Specialist and Jumpstart Instructor

    Pedro Lopez

    Apasionado del deporte, el rendimiento y sober todo la prevención y readaptación de lesiones. Licenciado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte por la Universidad de Granada, y Master en entrenamiento Personal por la Universidad de Roma ( IUSM) se dedica de lleno a trabajar mejorando la calidad de vida de las personas. […]

  • MAT® Rx Foot and Hand Specialist and Jumpstart Instructor

    Gorka Ipinza

    Gorka Ipinza has been working for 25 years with athletes from different specialties, from amateur categories to elite ones, as the Spanish Professional Soccer league “LFP” , Spanish basketball league “ACB”, National Rugby League, triathlon athletes, surfers on the international circuit, professional swimmers, golfers, long distance runners, etc. In addition, Gorka has a great experience […]

  • MAT® Jumpstart Program Instructor

    Bárbara Angie Pineda Vicke

    Angie Pineda, MAT® Specialist and Jumpstart Program Instructor is the Founder of WA SALUD® Industrial Wellness Company in MEXICO. She is a certified Pilates Instructor, NSCA and AEA Personal Trainer, Resistance Training Specialist and has over 15 years of experience in group fitness classes, health fitness management, and continuing education instruction. She is currently enrolled […]

  • MAT® Master Specialist and MAT® Jumpstart Instructor

    Hector Hernandez

    Hector Hernandez has spent the last 10 years studying the human body and working with people to help them move better, feel better and perform better. He holds a degree in Physical Education from Spain and Brazil and has accumulated over 600 hours of continuing education in both Europe and the United States. He has […]