Glenn Haugk

Glenn Haugk

MAT®Rx Full Body Specialist, MAT® Jumpstart Instructor


B.S. Exercise Science
Lubbock Christian University


Currently holds or has held:

  • RTSm Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Certification
  • MAT®m Master Muscle Activation Technique Specialist
  • MAT® Rx Hand and Foot Specialist
  • MAT® Rx Full Body Specialist
  • CIAR Phys. Fitness Specialist CIAR Biomechanics of Resistance Training
  • CIAR Optimum Performance Training
  • PTPT I Advanced Biomechanics
  • PTPT II Advanced Performance Training
  • PTPT III Advanced Program Design
  • TELOS Certified Assessment Specialist First Aid, CPR, and AED Certified


  • International Certifying Instructor and Presenter for the The Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research “Biomechanics of Resistance Training” course
  • Certifying Instructor for Ortho-Kinetics®
  • Author for TELOS Fitness Center Monthly Newsletter
  • Achieved the Resistance Training Specialist Mastery certification from Tom Purvis in 2014 and is now an instructor for the RTS Practical Program
  • First specialist in Dallas to receive the Mastery Level certification for Muscle Activation Techniques®
  • Selected to into the first internship for Muscle Activation Techniques® Rx Program
  • Assistant to Instructor for Muscle Activation Techniques® Mastery Courses
  • Collegiate Baseball Player for Cochise Community College and Lubbock Christian University