Kevin Votta

Kevin Votta

MAT® Master Specialist, MAT® Jumpstart Instructor

Kevin Votta is Tampa’s first and only Master Level Muscle Activation Techniques® Specialist. He is the owner of Fitness-Tek Personal Training Studios. Fitness-Tek is proud to be a hub location for MAT® and hosts MAT® courses throughout the year.

Kevin has been a personal trainer for over 10 years and started his own company in 2007, Better Body Fitness. He became an MAT® Specialist in 2009. In 2012, he acquired Fitness-Tek. Kevin has been a Master Level MAT® Specialist since 2015.

Due to Kevin’s insatiable desire to learn, he has attended various Resistance Training Specialist® courses including RTS Mastery classes. He has also taught the personal training intensive course including hands-on instruction for the Center for Neurosomatic Studies. Kevin loves the ability to teach and feels he can make a bigger impact in the health and fitness industry by doing so.

Kevin has been featured on the local TV news, a radio show, and in-print because of his ability to work with a wide array of clients. He has been able to help clients after chemotherapy, post-rehab, preparing for various athletic events, and those who want to increase their quality of life. He has helped players from the NFL, MLB, and professional golfers, tennis players, Olympians, Paraolympians, MMA fighters, ballroom dancers, and swimmers.

Kevin and the Fitness-Tek Team have grown the business to have 3 locations around Tampa Bay. He attributes this expansion to the great Fitness-Tek Team, striving for excellent customer service, always learning, and of course, the ability to use Muscle Activation Techniques®.