Kika Mela

Kika Mela

MAT® Rx Full Body Practitioner, Jumpstart Instructor, BSE, LMT

Kika Mela is President and Co-Owner of Mela Therapeutics, Inc.  She is a Master Level MAT® Specialist, MAT® Rx Full Body Specialist, MAT® JumpStart Instructor, and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 20 yrs.

She graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in 1995 as a massage therapist and received her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University in 2006.  Before graduation, she did an internship under Pete Bommarito of Bommarito Performance as a strength coach and has been working closely with him and his company ever since.  With the help of Bommarito, she has provided the massage therapy and MAT® for hundreds of professional NFL players, MLB players and other elite athletes.  She has also helped coordinate the massage therapy/MAT® for well over 200 athletes training for the NFL Scouting Combine and NFL Draft Prep with Pete Bommarito (2006-2007, 2010-present) and Tony Villani of XPE Sports (2010-2015).

Kika began her career as a professional jockey and understands firsthand the physical strains endured by athletes. After being nominated for the prestigious Sovereign Award as outstanding apprentice jockey of Canada in 1991, she retired from racing to focus on her studies.   Because of her athletic background, she initially made sports massage and dealing with sports injuries the focal point of her practice.  This desire to learn more led her to learning MAT® and it has quickly become the main modality of her practice. As an MAT® Specialist, Kika currently works with an NFL team and frequently travels the country to meet her client’s needs.

In 2008, Kika and her husband Roberto started Mela Therapeutics, Inc. as a massage therapy and MAT® based company dedicated to providing the highest level of massage, bodywork, and MAT®. Through Mela Therapeutics, they both currently work with Bommarito Performance Systems and other fitness professionals to consult on corrective exercises, massage therapy, and MAT®.