Paul Ciske

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Paul Ciske

Jumpstart Instructor

Dr. Paul Ciske received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in physiology where he studied the effects of chronic stimulation on muscle regeneration. 20 years later he came back to stimulating muscles as a certified Muscle Activation Techniques® Specialist, which he has now been doing for 13 years. His business is called “Your Well-Being” which is located in Oakland, CA..

His other accreditations include: American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Specialist and Program , Master level Resistance Training Specialist, Master Trainer in Z-Health Performance Solutions, Instructor of “Conscious Embodiment”, and Instructor of T’ai Chi Chih.

Dr. Ciske is also the inventor of the patented CISKE Comfort Cushion, an adjustable and versatile cushion used to support the head, neck, and back.