Rich Rife

Rich Rife

MATRx® Full Body Specialist

Imagine having power adaptable to training hard in the valley, then playing hard in the mountains.  If you desire developing alpine power for mountaineering, skiing or other mountain activities, then being guided by Rich through your vulnerabilities may be the path you need to keep playing in the mountains forever.

Clients working with Rich experience the immediate benefits of MATRx with the added benefit of the Hypoxic Fitness Training Method (HFTM).  HFTM is an add-on to conventional exercise where an individual breathes a specific percentage of reduced oxygen then proceeds to the exercise.  The benefits have been shown to include but are not limited to increase in motor coordination and strength with a decrease in fat mass.  Simply put:  You get more bang for your buck in your typical exercise routine.

After studying chemistry at Hanover College, Rich battled several years recovering from multiple concussions.  He also spent time in the mountains curious to why his asthma did not cause him issues traversing many of the peaks of the Beartooth Mountains in Montana.  These questions would later be answered when he was introduced to the MAT thought process and perspective in his past and current research.

Rich spent the previous 10 years running Kinetic Human, LLC in Indianapolis, IN.  Toward the end of the decade, he spent more time researching the adaptability of the human body in altitude activities.  With the lack of optimal field research readily available in the Midwest, Rich chose to open the doors for opportunities in the Rockies.  During the same time, Greg reached out to gauge Rich’s interest in joining the team at MAT Headquarters.  It was an easy decision because it fits his passions:  MATRx and all the mountains for field studies with many rivers ready for fly fishing.

Rich spends his free time wandering the wilderness with his wife and three children.

Check Rich out on Twitter (@mntnftnssxplrr) and Instagram (@mountainfitnessexplorer)