Stacey Earl

Stacey Earl

MAT®Rx Foot and Hand Specialist, MAT® Jumpstart Instructor

Stacey Earl has worked professionally as a personal trainer in San Francisco for twelve years and a MAT® Certified Specialist for 10 years. Stacey holds the distinction of being the first Muscle Activation Techniques® Certified Specialist in San Francisco and has mentored many specialists in the Bay Area.

Stacey takes a holistic approach to her clients’ care, working closely with doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and personal trainers to develop the most comprehensive solution for each client. Devoted to the “how and why” of exercise mechanics, she educates her clients to help them learn more about their bodies and make better decisions for a lifetime of function.

Stacey’s passion is working with women around the many issues that surround pregnancy: designing safe yet effective workouts, correcting postpartum muscular compensations, correcting diastasis recti, and healing the surgical complications that affect the muscular system after epidurals or cesarean births.

She also enjoys working with spine-related issues, such as scoliosis, herniated disks, stenosis, and spinal fusions. Stacey finds that teaching clients how to stabilize the spine and creating appropriate exercises to fit their specific needs are the keys to treating these issues.