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Learn the unique systematic format of MAT tools: CAM, JPT, and PIC used by over 10k+ Practitioner in the spaces of health, wellness, and fitness.

As a therapist or trainer your commitment to improving the well-being of your clients is undeniable, but we understand the challenges you encounter daily. Let’s explore the top five challenges you face, and how the Jumpstart online course is the solution you’ve been searching for to not only excel at your job but also provide unmatched benefits to your clients.  

What You Can Expect

Our 100+ Jumpstart videos contained within the course are step by step, indepth, detailed, and multi-angled to allow for a more well rounded digital learning experience. Our videos go hand in hand with the content presented and are easily accessible on the web as well as iOS and Android devices. Learn anywhere, anytime!

Exploring The Top Challenges Of Trainers & Therapists In The Industry

Let’s explore the top five challenges you face, and how Jumpstart is the solution you’ve been searching for to not only excel at your job but also provide unmatched benefits to your clients.  

Do You Have Limited Time & Resources?
The demands of your profession leave you with limited time and resources to thoroughly evaluate and treat each client, potentially compromising the quality of care.
Are Client Retention & Results Are Struggling?
Maintaining client retention and delivering visible, lasting results can be challenging, impacting both your reputation and income.
Is It Hard To Stay Current On Education?
The fitness and wellness industry is ever-evolving. Staying current with the latest research and techniques requires continuous learning, adding to your already demanding schedule.
Do You Lack A Competitive Market Edge?
In a competitive market, differentiating yourself and offering unique, effective solutions can be an uphill battle.
Muscle Dysfunction & Imbalances Solution
You often grapple with identifying and addressing muscle dysfunction and imbalances in your clients, hindering their progress and causing frustration.
Streamlined Efficiency
Jumpstart's systematic approach streamlines your evaluation process, saving you valuable time and resources while enhancing the quality of care you provide.
Client-Centric Results
With Jumpstart, you can offer clients a unique and results-driven experience, improving client retention and bolstering your reputation as a trusted professional.
Continuous Education
Jumpstart keeps you ahead of the curve with ongoing education and resources, ensuring you remain at the forefront of the industry.
Competitive Advantage
Incorporating Jumpstart into your practice sets you apart from the competition, attracting clients seeking innovative and effective solutions.

Course Details

Learn What Causes Muscle Weakness
Before you embark on learning the assessment and treatment techniques, you need to take a deeper look into the communication path-ways that exist between the nervous system and the muscular system.
Learn the Comparative Assessment Of Mobilities (CAMs) for the Full Body
Step 1 of the Jumpstart Evaluation Procedure is the Comparative Assessment of Mobility (CAM). The CAM assessment for ROM is the most important tool that you will have! You will learn 38 CAMs throughout this full body Jumpstart course.
Learn the Jumpstart Positional Tests (JPTs) for the Fully Body
The JPT evaluation builds on the information that was gathered through the CAM evaluation. Once you’ve completed the CAM evaluation for each body segment, you’ll move on to step two of the five-step process: the evaluation of muscle strength through the JPT.
Learn the Positional Iso-Angular Tests (PICs) for the Full Body
Up to this point, you have assessed your client’s ROM in the body using the CAM evaluation. Then you identified which planes of motions displayed positions of weakness using the JPT assessment. Moving forward, we will now implement the PICs to activate these positions of weakness. 

Who Is This For

Trusted for over more than two decades to relieve pain and restore mobility by top pro athletes. This educational material has been a total game changer for therapists, trainers, and their clients.

Physical Therapists

You see hundreds of patients each year. Imagine how you can help heal by improving muscular stability before and after big surgeries.

Personal Trainers

Have a client that keeps canceling due to lower back pain? Well now you can keep clients on schedule by being the one that can solve their aliments.

Massage Therapists

Have a client with the same complaint after every session? Be the one that alleviates their tightness by addressing their muscular weaknesses.


The perfect combo: You are already a master of the complexities within the skeletal system, so an advanced approach is an unbeatable match.

Strength Coaches

Have the ability to check in on the integrity of your individual clients muscular system before and after every strength session.

Healthcare Professionals

Looking to differentiate yourself in the industry? By utilizing the Jumpstart techniques, the referrals will speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine this: your client, struggling with persistent discomfort, experiences tightness, pain, and a sense of weakness that limits their daily life. They may have tried various remedies, but relief seems elusive. That’s where Jumpstart into MAT steps in, a beacon of hope. 

In the world of muscle physiology, it’s revealed that when a muscle can’t contract efficiently, it can’t effectively shorten. Neurologically, this translates to a muscle’s inhibited state, with its shortened position representing its weakest point. This weakness becomes a stronghold, protecting the body from venturing into the unknown, perpetuating tightness and discomfort. 

However, Jumpstart transforms this narrative. Within the course lie the keys to unlocking 38 Proprietary Range of Motion Exams. These exams become your guiding light, leading you to the very muscles that are struggling to function optimally. As you restore their vitality, your client will experience a profound shift—increased mobility becomes their reality. 

Gone are the days of tightness, pain, and weakness holding them back. With Jumpstart, you become the agent of change, empowering your clients to embrace life with newfound vigor, free from the limitations of discomfort. The journey begins here, where knowledge meets transformation, and where your clients’ well-being takes center stage. Welcome to Jumpstart, where pain relief and vitality converge, breathing new life into your practice. 

Here are the Top 4 ways the Jumpstart Course can Benefit you: 

  1. Enhanced Client Outcomes: Jumpstart equips therapists and trainers with a profound understanding of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), enabling them to identify and address muscular imbalances and weaknesses. This results in significantly improved client outcomes, as issues related to pain, tightness, and weakness are effectively resolved, leading to greater client satisfaction and retention. 

  2. Expanded Skill Set: By delving into Jumpstart, therapists and trainers gain access to a comprehensive toolbox of 38 Proprietary Range of Motion Exams. These exams provide a systematic approach to evaluating clients’ musculature, enabling practitioners to pinpoint areas of dysfunction. This expanded skill set enhances their ability to design tailored, effective treatment and training programs. 

  3. Business Growth: The Jumpstart course empowers therapists and trainers to differentiate themselves in the competitive fitness and rehabilitation industries. With enhanced expertise in MAT, they can attract a broader clientele seeking specialized, results-driven services. This not only leads to business growth but also allows practitioners to command premium rates for their valuable skills. 

  4. Personal Development: Jumpstart fosters continuous personal and professional development. It opens doors to advanced MAT certification work, enabling therapists and trainers to deepen their expertise and diversify their offerings. This ongoing journey of learning and mastery keeps practitioners engaged, passionate, and at the forefront of their field. 


Overview: Jumpstart serves as an introductory level, laying the foundation for MAT principles. It focuses on learning how to identify and address muscle dysfunction using isometric techniques. 

Benefits for Clients: 

  • Enhanced movement and performance. 
  • Improved muscle activation. 
  • Reduction in the risk of injuries. 

Benefits for Jumpstart Practitioners: 

  • Basic MAT knowledge and skills. 
  • Ability to address common muscle issues. 
  • Entry point into the world of MAT 



Overview: Specialists is the core of MAT certification, providing a deep understanding of MAT principles. Practitioners can assess 77 proprietary range of motions and perform 214 muscle tests. 

Benefits for Clients: 

  • Highly specialized assessment and treatment. 
  • Significant improvements in muscle function. 
  • Enhanced overall physical well-being. 

Benefits for MAT Practitioners: 

  • In-depth MAT expertise. 
  • Capability to tailor treatments to individual needs. 
  • Improved client success rates. 



Overview: Mastery represents the advanced level of MAT certification, focusing on efficient assessments by transitioning to passive range of motion exams. 

Benefits for Clients: 

  • Faster and more precise assessments. 
  • Streamlined MAT treatments. 
  • Speedier recovery and performance gains. 

Benefits for MAT Practitioners: 

  • Mastery of advanced MAT techniques. 
  • Increased efficiency in practice. 
  • Preparation for the elite MATRx program. 



Overview: MATRx is the pinnacle of MAT education, introducing a patented neuromuscular optimization process based on a 43-movement pattern. 

Benefits for Clients: 

  • Elite-level neuromuscular optimization. 
  • Enhanced physical performance. 
  • Improved injury prevention and recovery. 

Benefits for MAT Practitioners: 

  • Mastery of elite MAT techniques. 
  • Ability to optimize clients’ neuromuscular systems. 
  • Expertise in maximizing performance and recovery. 

Each MAT education module is designed to benefit both clients and MAT practitioners by progressively enhancing skills and knowledge.  

Whether you’re starting your MAT journey or aiming for elite expertise, our modules offer a clear path to improving physical well-being and optimizing the body’s ability to perform, recover, and thrive. 

No. Certifications are only for Specialist, Mastery, and RX education levels. 

No, it’s not regular muscle testing. While manual muscle testing has been a longstanding assessment tool in various fields, including physical therapy, chiropractic, and applied/clinical kinesiology, Jumpstart takes it to an entirely new level. Jumpstart practitioners use manual muscle testing to identify groups of muscles that have lost their ability to contract efficiently, but the key difference lies in the approach.

Traditional muscle testing, as developed by pioneers like Kendall, Goodheart, and Beardall, often assesses muscle strength in mid-range positions. However, Jumpstart‘s unique physiological principles demand a different approach. In Jumpstart, muscles are tested in their most extreme positions, where weaknesses typically manifest. These end-range positions align with the muscle’s function, making Jumpstart‘s assessment tool unparalleled in its precision and effectiveness. 

Muscle tightness isn’t merely a symptom to be alleviated; it’s a signal pointing to a deeper issue—muscle inhibition. Unlike conventional approaches, like stretching, deep tissue massage, and foam rolling, that address tightness on the surface, Jumpstart takes a groundbreaking path.

It recognizes that tight muscles are, in fact, guarding against inhibited muscles’ inability to contract effectively. This unique insight reshapes the way we understand and address tightness, allowing Jumpstart practitioners to target the root cause, restore muscular function, and deliver lasting relief to their clients, setting it apart from traditional health and wellness approaches.


Matt Toth

MLB Athletic Trainer

The MAT jumpstart program is an incredible tool to have in your belt.  Sometimes you do not have a long time to treat a player and this process helps you quickly identify deficiencies in ranges of motions, treat, and get them back out onto the field in just a couple of minutes.  I can’t say enough on how this program has changed the way I treat professional athletes.” 

Corey Tremble

MLB Athletic Trainer
Medical Coordinator

“As the MLB Rehabilitation and Medical Coordinator for the Detroit Tigers, I can honestly say we have not been introduced to a technique that has been more beneficial to our athletes than Muscle Activation Techniques. 

After going through the MAT Jumpstart Program and utilizing the principles learned with our athletes, we have seen an increase in overall production, while also seeing a decrease in injuries.  Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques has rejuvenated our desire to learn and grow, and in turn, has bettered our athletes. 

Jumpstart is an essential tool for anyone working with professional athletes and it is truly a game changer for our organization and players.”  

Charlie Cates, MATRx Practitioner

MATRx Practitioner

“While working at a health club in Chicago, my journey began with the MAT Jumpstart program, and the immediate impact of the skills I acquired was astounding. Within just a few months, my client base doubled, and I was attracting more clients than ever before. I have now attracted an income of over 200k within a few years thanks to both Jumpstart and MAT respectively. 

Unlocking the Neuromuscular Connection

In the ever-evolving fields of exercise and rehabilitation, a transformative paradigm shift is upon us, and Jumpstart is at the forefront of this revolution. Gone are the days of conventional approaches; it’s time to embrace a new way of thinking and acquire fresh skills that will empower you to serve your clients like never before.  

Welcome to Jumpstart, where we embark on a journey to reshape the way you approach pain relief, healing, and optimized performance. 

Foundational Principles and the Neuromuscular Connection

At the core of this groundbreaking course lies the exploration of foundational principles that bridge the intricate communication pathways between the nervous system and the muscle system, also known as the neuromuscular system. We delve deep into understanding how these systems interact, creating a holistic perspective that is fundamental to your success as a professional in the exercise and rehab fields. 

An Introductory Course with Immediate Impact

There is a paradigm shift from the conventional thought processes that we are accustomed to in the exercise and rehab fields that is taught in our Jumpstart courses. 

Jumpstart may be an introductory course, but its impact is far from ordinary. By the time you complete this course, you’ll be equipped with a powerful set of tools that can be put into action immediately. Witness firsthand how these basic foundational principles can create remarkable, positive physical changes in your clients. The results will amaze you, and more importantly, your clients will experience a newfound sense of well-being. 

Building a Strong Foundation for Your Future

Jumpstart isn’t just a course; it’s a stepping stone to your professional growth. By mastering these foundational principles, you’re setting a solid foundation for any future MAT certification work you choose to undertake. Whether you’re just starting your journey or looking to enhance your existing skill set, Jumpstart is your catalyst for success. 

Our Ultimate Goal: Improving Lives

At the heart, it’s about adopting these new principles and learning new skills that will allow you to best serve the clients that come to you for pain relief, healing, and optimized performance.

In this course, you’ll learn the foundational principles related to this paradigm shift. You will gain a better understanding of the body’s communication pathways connecting the nervous system and the muscle system. Although this course only provides an introduction to the principles of MAT, you will finish this course with valuable tools that will allow you to start seeing more positive physical changes with your clients right away. 

You’ll be amazed at the results that you can achieve by applying these basic foundational principles. This experience will provide you with a solid foundation for moving into any additional MAT certification work you choose to undertake in the future.

Our goal is for participants to learn our unique systematic format of Jumpstart tools to help their individual clients function optimally, get back into action, and give them a better quality of life! 

What Will You Learn

Greg Roskopf’s knowledge and insight will provide you with the ability to help clients increase range of motion, accelerate recovery, and unleash the body’s healing power. Throughout each chapter you will learn valuable tools that will allow you to start seeing more positive physical changes with your clients right away.

Why Muscle Tightness Is Caused By Muscle Weakness
Learn why the primary principle behind MAT, muscle tightness, is the result of muscle weakness. It is more powerful than any other mindset out there.
What Causes Muscle Weakness Inside The Body
Where there is stress, trauma, or overuse of a muscle, and the strength tolerance level of that muscle has been exceeded, the resulting inflammation alters the communication between the nervous system and that muscle. The muscle can no longer recover properly, thus it progressively weakens. Learn how to assess, address, and correct these weaknesses for your clients.
What Is And What Causes Muscle Dysfunction
Learn about how muscle dysfunction is caused by the interaction of local and systemic factors, why it happens, and what can be done to fix it.
The Role Of Inflamation And How MAT Helps Reduce It
Learn how to utilize the skills taught exclusively by Greg Roskopf to help address and further negate the resulting inflammation that inevitably occurs from stress, trauma, or overuse to the muscular system.
The Role Of Muscle Testing And How MAT Does It Different
Learn how to use specific assessment techniques that are designed to determine where altered neuromuscular function is occuring in the body. Each of your clients will receive the benefit of being treated uniquely towards their own individual muscle weaknesses and compensation patterns.
The Role Of The Muscular System In All Aspects Of Health
The muscular system is a powerful body system that gets overlooked in conventional medicine for its direct impact on overall health. Learn how obtaining optimal muscular function will effect your overall well being.
38 Proprietary Range Of Motion Exams
A step-by-step guide of how to find your client’s muscle dysfunctions across their lower body, upper body, and trunk-spine. These proprietary range of motion exams are not found anywhere else.
100+ Jumpstart Positional Tests & Position Specific Isometrics
A step-by-step process on how to test for muscle dysfunction in a way that produces high client outcomes. Once muscle dysfunction is revealed in a client, you will now have the tools to properly address their issues and create optimal muscle health.

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