MAT For Athletic Therapists

Differentiate Yourself Amongst Other Sports Industry Athletic Therapists With MAT

Imagine being the one on the field ready to assess and address noticeable muscle tightness and muscle dysfunction on your teams athletes in a matter of moments. 

MAT gives atheltic therapists the ability to know exactly how an athlete’s system will be affected by a force (weight training, sprints, repetitive movements over hours of practice, tackling, etc) moving through their passive structures such as joints, ligaments, bones, and tissue. Every athlete has a medical history and regardless of where they are in the game or healing from an injury, you could be able to dictate how they would handle such forces in season and in the off season.

MAT Practitioners are able to help prepare, prevent, and preserve an athlete’s muscular system, regardless of their age and ability, to stay happy and healthy!

Learn how we help Athletic Therapists differentiate themselves for their athletes.
MAT: A Tool For Atheltic Therapists

Preventing Injuries

When athletes have muscles that have been weakened due to stress, trauma, or overuse, the resultant inflammation alters the communication between the nervous system and the muscular system. This results in a neurological weakness that cannot always be corrected by traditional and conventional exercise, rehabilitation protocols, or further training. When you have this altered communication between the two systems, training alone will not strengthen the loss in communication. In order to help relieve discomfort and reduce inflammation to allow the body to heal, you must first activate the muscles which in turn improves this necessary communication.
What MAT Gives Athletic Therapists

MAT Has An Unique Perspective On Muscle Tightness Which Gives Athletic Therapists With A MAT Certification The Advantage

MAT looks at muscle tightness as being a symptom that relates to underlying weaknesses. Whenever you have stress, trauma, or overuse to the body, the resultant inflammation alters the communication between the nervous system and the muscular system so that the muscles cannot contract efficiently. When muscles can’t contact efficiently, they cannot shorten effectively and are weakend due to lack of neurological input.

With MAT, we focus on the muscle weakness aspect of the muscle dysfunction. Through specific activation techniques that improve the communication between the nervous system and the muscular system, not only do the associated muscles get stronger, but the protective tightening of the opposing muscles resolves. MAT gives athletic therapists a clear insight into the needs of each individual athlete to ensure they are ready for competition.

Unique Skillset 

100% of our practitioners say that MAT gives them a unique skillset in their individual market based on a 2021 survey measuring the success of our practitioners.

Improved Client Outcomes

90% of our practitioners say that their client’s initial complaints or muscular dysfunctions are completely resolved in 1 of 10 MAT sessions.

Higher Earning Potential

Given their consistent and positive results, our practitioners report that their ability to earn more for their unique skillset is pronounced.
Increased Referrals

86% of MAT Practitioners get their new MAT clients from their existing MAT clients and 95% say MAT gives them a satisfying career.

Practitioner Database
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Our practitioners come found all over the world to learn this valuable skillset. We are proud of our community of driven like minded individuals making a difference every day!

*The above percentages are based on 2019, 2020, and 2021 surveys measuring the success of our practitioners.


Matt Toth

“The MAT program is an incredible tool to have in your tool belt. Sometimes you do not have a long time to treat a player and this process helps you quickly identify deficiencies in ranges of motions, address the issue, and get them back out onto the field in just a couple of minutes. I can’t say enough on how this program has changed the way I treat professional athletes.”

- MLB Athletic Therapist and MAT Specialist