How The MAT Certification Process Works

Certification Process

We are the only muscle treatment program in the USA that offers an accredited degree program opportunity. We offer various pathways to learn Muscle Activation Techniques education based on student goals and desired outcomes. Initially students can choose from varying options depending on their time and budget. The options are as follows: four Single Subject MAT Specialist modules and an Associate’s degree in MAT.

Where The Journey Begins

Your MAT Journey begins in the Specialist Lower Body Certification. Here you will learn the principles behind the power of MAT, developing the skillset to assess and address muscular imbalances, how to create better client outcomes, and differentiate yourself in the industry.

Continuing Your Education

Most Lower Body Certified Practitioners move into the next module upon completing their Lower Body Certification. You are considered Full Body Certified upon successful completion of all four modules: Lower Body, Upper Body, Trunk and Spine, and Cervical, Hand and Foot


Why Become MAT Certified ?

Muscle Activation Techniques is a powerful assessment tool that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances. We focus on addressing the cause of pain by testing, correcting, and maintain muscle contractile efficiency.

Unique Skillset – We teach practitioners the art of Muscle Activation Techniques in order to help them become change agents in reversing the epidemic of neuromuscular weakness and muscular dysfunction.

Increased Client Satisfaction – We strive to facilitate the broadest possible integration of Muscle Activation Techniques worldwide for each arm of the health and wellness industry.

International Practitioner Database – Our practitioners come found all over the world to learn this valuable skillset and we continue to grow our community each year.


“I am a Chiropractor and Board Certified in Sports Medicine. Majority of my patients that I see chiropractically, I would say at least 98% of them, have MAT done. The modality that I do is awesome in of itself but to add in that other component and really make sure we are stabilizing the system and stabilizing the treatment I am doing, people are getting better so much quicker.”

Dr. Kelly

Chiropractor, MAT Practitioner

“I majored in Exercise Science and Adult Fitness and I went to school with the intention of doing MAT. Out of 100 clients, the percentage of clients that walk out the door feeling better is in the 90’s at least! Physical Therapists or Massage Therapists should consider MAT hands down because it is such a powerful tool. It compliments what they are already trying to accomplish.”

Katie B.

College Student, MAT Practitioner


Who is Eligible to Become MAT Certified

The MAT Education Modules are available to professionals from all walks of life. From those looking to expand their current healthcare profession to those who are already licensed therapists, our programs have something to offer your ever growing career!

Prerequisite for the Modules: Participants must be licensed therapist, or hold a recognized fitness certification with a minimum of two years of experience as a fitness professional.

Prerequisite for Associates Degree: Students must be a licensed therapist or must hold a recognized fitness certification with a minimum of two years of experience as a fitness professional. Students who obtain undergraduate coursework in Anatomy and Physiology or advanced placement by examination will also be considered for acceptance.