Stay An Active MAT Certified Practitioner By Maintaining Your Education

Practitioner Status


Maintains Proof Of Insurance With MAT Headquarters
Completes Annual Assessment Or Advancing Credential With MAT Education
Maintains High MAT Standards Per Greg Roskopf
Listed On MAT Practitioner Database


Does Not Maintain Proof Of Insurance With MAT Headquarters
Does Not Complete Annual Assessment Or Advancing Credential With MAT Education
Does Not Maintain High MAT Standards Per Greg Roskopf
Not Listed On MAT Practitioner Database

New Active Practitioner Process For 2022

Beginning in 2022, the continuing education requirements have changed. There will no longer be a requirement for practitioners to attend continuing education classes.  MAT education modules and refreshers will continue to be provided by Broadview college for those interested in advancing their credentials or for those needing more review work due to time away from the career field. 


MAT has designed a new way to uphold the quality of the hands on skills that our certified MAT practitioners maintain through an annual assessment process.  This year MAT will hold  corporate-housed, skills assessment sessions in which the certified MAT practitioners will be observed with a corporate representative to validate that the MAT techniques are performed at the standardized level of certified credential.

These requirements will be instituted for both Specialist and Mastery level practitioners. This protocol will be set up for those practitioners who are attempting to maintain their present certification level. Any MAT Practitioners who are taking coursework in order to advance their skills to a higher level of MAT certification within the associated year will be waived from having to take this annual MAT skills assessment.
The Assessment Process
Will be used to validate an MAT Practitioner's practical skill level in order for them to maintain their listing on the MAT corporate website.
Will replace the 16 continuing education credits that were previously required to maintain present level of education. This process allows students to validate that they have kept up with their content review and are maintaining an appropriate level of skill that enables them to maintain their present level of certification.
Gives MAT the ability to ensure that all practitioners' certification levels have been reviewed and validated on a regular basis through a standardized assessment format throughout the community in order to substantiate each practitioners' promotion on the website.
Details About The Skills Assessment Process:

We recognize that students may be interested in reviewing MAT content in order to prepare for their practical assessment. The refresher modules, offered through our education partner Broadview College, will continue to be available to anyone who desires a more formalized form of review of MAT principles and techniques. 

In addition, MAT has created a new membership program that will provide students video access to various levels of MAT techniques. These membership opportunities will be provided through our exclusive MAT Mighty Networks platform. If you are interested in learning about the video memberships, please reach out to to have your  eligibility checked.

The new MAT Annual Skills Assessments will be performed in small groups and will include a 2 hours of observation practical work at MAT HQ.
The cost per assessment is $199. The assessment will include both observation of practical application skills along with an understanding of MAT principles related to that level of certification.
The assessment dates are pre-set: Opportunities for annual assessments are available at the dates listed below for 2022.
If practitioners do not complete an annual assessment in 2022 they will be removed from the website on Jan 1st, 2023.
When registering for an assessment, participants will be given the option to also attend a 4-hour practical review session at no additional charge. The review session will be held on the morning of the scheduled assessment.

How To Get Back Into Active Status

Contact the MAT support team to find out how to get back into active status. Practitioners lose their “active status” if they allow their insurance policy to lapse and/or if they do not attend and annual assessment.
Those who have not kept up with their CECs year over year will be asked to take a virtual pre-assessment prior to an in person assessment.
Practitioners that are not compliant with insurance and/or attend an annual assessment will be taken off the “Find a Practitioner” page on the website until their active status is earned.