Online Mastery Series

Online MAT® Master Specialist Certification

We sent out a community survey to hear feedback directly from our students. We are excited to announce new upcoming course offerings based off that feedback!

In our survey, 88% of our student base said that they would have benefited from having remote access to CAMs, Muscles Tests, and MAT® Methodology during their Specialist Program coursework. Responses also showed that 92% of our practitioners said they would benefit from having an instructor-led forum to understand the CAMs, Muscles Tests, and MAT® Methodology. While we can’t go back in time and give you this experience in the Specialist program, we can provide this to you in your Master level courses!

Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) has collaborated with Broadview University to deliver a module based pathway towards becoming a MAT® Master Specialist.

 These courses will take place online over 6 weeks. The courses include lecture videos, muscle test explanation videos, course assignments and quizzes to better help with course content retention, e-book access, live instructor feedback, and required practical lab attendance. Even more exciting news is that at the end of the 2 day practical lab, students who pass out of the exam, will achieve MAT® Mastery Certified status for each topic studied.

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE !

Online Mastery Module Start Dates

Mastery Category Start Date Lab Dates
Foot Function May 18 July 10 – 11
Upper Body July 6 August 14 – 15
Wrist and HandAugust 17October 2-3

*Acceptance and successful progression through the Muscle Activation Techniques® coursework does not automatically ensure certification or licensure eligibility. Licensure requirements are determined within cities, counties, municipalities, and states and students need to research local requirements to ensure compliance.*