MAT Associate Degree:

Degree Details

The Associate of Applied Science in Muscle Activation Techniques degree program enhances a student’s current competencies related to the human body and muscle function in the health and wellness field.

The degree program studies the MAT approach to advanced assessment and correction of muscular imbalances in the human body. Students are trained on the MAT modality used to identify restrictions in joint instability relating to muscle tightness and weakness. Students gain an understanding of the unique systematic format provided through Muscle Activation Techniques in order for them to help their clients function with maximum efficiency and balance out the muscular system. General education requirements in the areas of communication, social science, natural science, and humanities provide analytical and communication skills, as well as a global perspective of diverse cultures. At the completion of this program, including passing of all certification exams, students will be awarded the credential of certified MAT Specialist and MAT Mastery Specialist.

Degree Requirements

The Associate Degree option is a carefully crafted combination of core courses: the four MAT Specialist certifications, the six MAT Mastery certifications, Entrepreneurship for Practitioners, and Advertising & Promotion. Students are also required to complete 24 general education credits. Eligible credits from previously completed academic coursework can be transferred in at no cost. If you have existing college credits we can help determine your next step and provide a complementary transfer-of-credit evaluation that’s simple and straightforward.

Students will start in the Lower Body certification. Each Specialist certification has a midterm virtual lab that reviews the first half of the course material and the final virtual lab reviews all of the course content covered in the certification. Each Mastery certification has a final virtual lab reviewing all of the course content covered in the certification. All labs are led by a live instructor in a practical workshop setting.

What You Will Learn

In addition to learning proprietary MAT techniques students of the associate degree program will learn key aspects of entrepreneurship as well as advertising and promotion which play an important role in the success of any MAT practitioner.

Each online MAT quarter concludes with an examination prep and certification exam (EPCE) at the state of the art MAT headquarters in Denver, CO. 

The in person Specialist Lower Body EPCE and Specialist Cervical, Hand, & Foot EPCE are required.

There are 2 Mastery courses per quarter and after each of these quarters, the Mastery EPCEs are required.

Specialist Lower Body Module
Mastery Lower Body Module
Specialist Upper Body Module
Mastery Upper Body Module
Specialist Trunk & Spine Module
Mastery Trunk & Spine Module
Specialist Cervical, Hand, & Foot Module
Mastery Cervical Spine Module
Mastery Foot Function Module
Mastery Wrist & Hand Module

Certification Exam

The Examination Prep and Certification Exam (EPCE) concludes each quarter and is the in-house component giving participants the opportunity to come to the state-of-art MAT Headquarters and practice with their peers. This instructor led, in-person review day, allows for refining skills in preparation for the examination. Check the planning calendar to view EPCE dates for this degree.

Notable Benefits

A convenient online curriculum allows for participants to enhance their learning and retention with access to step-by-step video instruction provided through our exclusive education partner, Broadview College. Top MAT Instructors teach the content in this degree and are available throughout the entire program offering feedback, grading course work, and offering office hours.

Peer to peer study sessions are also available for participants to utilize throughout their time each quarter in this degree. Given our flexible certifications with limited travel, this degree appeals to new industry professionals or to those with established careers.

Required Course Materials

Ebooks provided for all MAT Specialist level manuals and MAT Mastery level manuals.

Foundations Of Muscle Activation Techniques
MAT Specialist Lower Body Techniques
MAT Specialist Upper Body Techniques
MAT Specialist Trunk & Spine Techniques
MAT Specialist Cervical, Hand, & Foot Techniques
MAT Mastery Lower Body Techniques
MAT Mastery Upper Body Techniques
MAT Mastery Trunk & Spine Techniques
MAT Mastery Foot Function Techniques
MAT Mastery Wrist & Hand Techniques
MAT Mastery Cervical Spine Techniques

Other course materials for the Specialist level content and Mastery level content.

The Trail Guide to the Human Body

Joint Structure & Function

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