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The most frequently asked questions that we receive on a daily a basis.

Jumpstart Into MAT

There is a paradigm shift from the conventional thought processes that we are accustomed to in the exercise and rehab fields that is taught in our Jumpstart courses. At the heart, our Jumpstart courses are about adopting these new principles and learning new skills that will allow you to best serve the clients that come to you for pain relief, healing, and optimized performance.

In the Jumpstart courses, you’ll learn the foundational principles related to this paradigm shift. 

You will gain a better understanding of the body’s communication pathways connecting the nervous system and the muscle system. Although this course only provides an introduction to the principles of MAT, you will finish this course with valuable tools that will allow you to start seeing more positive physical changes with your clients right away. 

Learn more about where to get started here!

The Jumpstart book is just that – a physical copy of the Jumpstart into MAT book. The book covers all segments of the body. Learn more here.

Our Jumpstart courses are digital, online only, step by step guides that bring you through each segment of the body and follow along with the book instructions. Our courses include instructional videos and additional resources not provided in the book.

We encourage our participants to choose a track at the Jumpstart level: Lower Body, Upper Body, and Trunk & Spine.

There is no certification with the Jumpstart book or Jumpstart courses.

To become certified in MAT, participants must complete courses at the Specialist level within one of the tracks: Lower Body, Upper Body, Trunk and Spine.

Yes! Our Jumpstart courses provides instruction on the basic principles behind MAT. Once learned, participants can add this tool to help their clients to correct muscle imbalances and restore muscle health.

Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase a course, participants navigate to our Education page, and then scroll to find and select the course you would like to purchase. Participants also must be a member of the MAT Community Network. Not a MAT Community Member yet? Click Here to join for free! This is where our community lives and where courses are accessed.

Please check out our Where To Get Started guide to learn more about getting started with MAT.

All new participants can Jumpstart Into MAT at our introductory $99 offerings. Start with the area of the body that you prefer to specialize in or purchase the full body Jumpstart course for $299.

We have three levels of certification within our education continuum: Specialist, Mastery, and MATRx. The courses within each level are shown here within our education. 

Once participants purchase a course on MuscleActivation.com, they may access their course on a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet by signing into the MAT Community Network. Once purchased, participants will have one year to complete that particular course.

Our Jumpstart Courses do not provide certification.

Participants seeking certification must complete the 3 of our techniques courses within a track (for example the Lower Body Certification includes: Hip, Knee, Foot) then register for the Lower Body Certification Course. Upon successful completion of the Lower Body Certification course a certificate of completion will be awarded and the participant will be considered MAT Specialist Lower Body Certified.

Participants may continue to progress into the Mastery level techniques courses within a track or take more Specialist level techniques courses within another track.

Our Jumpstart courses do not require any prerequisites. Here is where to get started.

We cannot guarantee our courses will be approved by other institutions. However, many participants have submitted our course content to their approving bodies and have had success with our courses being approved for continued education.

MAT provides those who complete their courses with a completion certificate and can provide additional information if necessary.