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The most frequently asked questions that we receive on a daily a basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase a course, participants navigate to our Education page, and then scroll to find and select the course you would like to purchase. Participants also must be a member of the MAT Community Network. Not a MAT Community Member yet? Click Here to join for free! This is where our community lives and where courses are accessed.

Please check out our Where To Get Started guide to learn more about getting started with MAT.

We have three levels within our education continuum: Specialist, Mastery, and MATRx. The courses within each level are shown here within our education. New participants must begin at the Specialist level within the Lower Body. The lower body consists of the Hip, Knee, and Foot. We recommend new participants to start with the Hip course.

The majority of our courses are online. All participants begin with the Specialist level. The Specialist level consists of 12 Online courses and 1-in-person Full Body Certification Course after all online courses are completed. No travel is required for the Specialist level until the MAT Full Body Certification Course.

Specialist Lower Body is where all students begin and includes the Foundations of MAT, 1-3 hours of in-depth video lectures, multi-angled video, instructor feedback on assignments and questions, and web iOS, Android access. Courses also include MAT Community access to our exclusive practitioner forum.

When a partipant is registered and paid for a lower body course ($995) they will have one year to complete that particular course, however, it can be done in as little as 30 days! We recommend starting with MAT-Hip, however, participants may choose between Hip/Knee/Foot. Each course is 20 hours and allows participants to work at their own pace. The average person can complete the entire Specialist level in 10-12 months, including certification courses.

Once participants purchase a course on MuscleActivation.com, they may access their course on a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet by signing into the MAT Community Network. Once purchased, participants will have one year to complete that particular course.

Once a course is completed the participant will receive a certificate for that particular course. Paricipants seeking certification will complete 3 Lower Body courses (Hip, Knee, Foot) then register for the Lower Body Certification Course. Upon successful completion of the Lower Body Certification course a certificate of completion will be awarded and the participant will be considered MAT Specialist Lower Body Certified.

After, this same process is followed for Upper Body and Trunk and Spine, participants register for the Full Body Certification Course at the MAT World Headquarters in Denver, CO to become MAT Specialist Full Body Certified.

All participants must start with Lower Body course work. Upon successful completion of Lower Body certificaton, particpants may move on to Upper Body coursework or Trunk & Spine Coursework.

Participants must be a licensed therapist, certified fitness professional, or a healthcare professional as defined and approved by MAT staff. Unsure if you’re eligible to register for an course? Connect with our team.

Once participants complete and obtain Lower Body, Upper Body, and Trunk & Spine certifications they will then be eligible to take the Full Body certification course. This course is a day and 1/2 of review, practice, and testing at the MAT World Headquarters in Denver, CO. Travel expenses are not included in the course fee. Unsure if you’re eligible to register for the Full Body certification course? Connect with our team.

MAT courses do not qualify for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We offer flexiblity for participants to start at their own pace when they are financially able. After a course is completed participants may immediatley move on to the next course or choose to take time off.

We cannot guarantee our courses will be approved by other institutions. However, many participants have submitted our course content to their approving bodies and have had success with our courses being approved for continued education.

MAT provides those who complete their courses with a completion certificate and can provide additional information if necessary.

Jumpstart Into MAT

Jumpstart is NOT required to begin the Specialist course work. Jumpstart is an introduction to MAT and provides a glimpse into the techniques for those who want to the foundational principles of MAT before committing to the higher level courses and possibly certification.

Jumpstart is not a certification. It teaches the foundational principles of MAT and helps people gain a better understanding of the body’s communication pathways connecting the nervous system and the muscle system. Jumpstart teaches the Positional Iso-angular (PIC) technique to correct muscle imbalances. The first level of MAT certification is the Specialist level, which teaches the PIC as well as the DFAMAT (muscular palpations on the boney landmarks and insertion points of each muscle).

The Jumpstart book is just that – a hard copy of the book, Jumpstart into MAT. The Jumpstart bundle is a digital copy of the book, formatted as a course with 100 + instructional videos and lifetime access.

There is no certification with the Jumpstart Book. To become certified in MAT, participants must start at the Specialist level with the Lower body courses.

Yes! The Jumpstart Book provides instruction on the basic principles behind MAT and how to use the Positional Iso-angular (PIC)technique to correct muscle imbalances. Once learned, participants can add this tool to help their clients to correct muscle imbalances and restore muscle health.