Which MAT Education Program Is Right For Me ?

Individual single subject MAT certifications for each body segment, Full-Body Specialist Certificates, and Degree Programs are available.

The MAT Specialist Program is the first level of the MAT education continuum. A student who completes this course is eligible to test to become an MAT Certified Specialist who will then be recognized and eligible to be listed on our website as a practitioner of MAT.

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You may wish to take the individual modules and get certified in Lower Body, Upper Body, Trunk & Spine, or Cervical, Hand & Foot. You may also want to learn about our Full Body Certificate Program.


We are the only muscle treatment program in the United States of America that offers a university accredited degree program. In fact, we offer 3 accredited degree options.

Continue Education

Each year, practitioners are required to register 16 Continuing Education Credits in order to maintain their active status and be compliant with MAT Headquarters requirements.

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