New To MAT?

How To Get Started

All new participants can Jumpstart Into MAT at our introductory $99 offerings. Start with the area of the body that you prefer to specialize in or purchase the full body Jumpstart course for $299.

Taken Jumpstart?

What's Next?

After you complete a course within a category we encourage you to continue on to our more advanced courses at the Specialist level. Upon completion of all 3 courses in a category, you are then eligible for your first certification.

Want To Get Cetified?

Your First Certification

Upon completion of all 3 courses within a catergory (for example Hip, Knee, and Foot) you are now eligible to take the Certification Course for that catergory (Lower Body). We have three Certifications at the Specialist level: Lower Body, Upper Body, and Trunk & Spine.


What Happens Next?

Continue Your MAT Education

Congrats! If you passed the test for the certification then you are now an MAT Practitioner in that catergory. Given that you have one certification complete, you can continue to add on credentials in the other categories at the Specialist level or you can move into our Mastery level courses.

Have Questions?

You have questions, we have answers. View our FAQs and User Guides to find answers to the questions we are generally asked on a daily basis.