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The Jumpstart into MAT is a revolutionary that brings extraordinary results for therapists, trainers and their clients.

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The Jumpstart into MAT is a revolutionary that brings extraordinary results for therapists, trainers and their clients. Gain exclusive insider access to the teachings behind Jumpstart in an easy and user friendly format.

Industry professionals from all modalities can employ The Jumpstart into MAT both specifically and holistically, as an adjunct to all forms of therapy and exercise.

You get a system of checks and balances to ‘confirm your work’. Clients get life-changing improvement in muscle function, but better still is the reduced risk of injury.

In this content bundle, you’ll learn the foundational principles related to this paradigm shift. You will gain a better understanding of the body’s communication pathways connecting the nervous system and the muscle system.
Chapter 1: What Causes Muscle Weakness
Before you embark on learning the assessment and treatment techniques outlined in the rest of this book, you need to take a deeper look into the communication path-ways that exist between the nervous system and the muscular system.
Chapter 2: Lower Body Comparative Assessment Of Mobility
Step 1 of the Jumpstart Evaluation Procedure is the Comparative Assessment of Mobility (CAM). The CAM assessment for ROM is the most important tool that you will have.
Chapter 3: Lower Body Jumpstart Positional Tests
The JPT evaluation builds on the information that was gathered through the CAM evaluation. Now that you’ve completed the lower body CAM evaluation, you’ll move on to step two of the five-step process: the evaluation of muscle strength through the JPT.
Chapter 4: Lower Body Positional Iso-Angular Tests
Up to this point, you have assessed your client’s ROM in the lower body using the CAM evaluation. Then you identified which planes of motions displayed positions of weakness using the JPT assessment.
Chapter 5: Upper Body Comparative Assessment Of Mobility
In this section, we will begin with an in-depth look at shoulder joint function, as the shoulder girdle can be a very complex structure. This overview in shoulder mechanics can help you gain a better understanding of how to progress through the assessment and treatment process of the shoulder.
Chapter 6: Upper Body Jumpstart Positional Tests
As we did in the JPT section for lower body, we will base our JPTs for the upper body off of the CAM assessments, and performing JPT tests in the positions where we found limitations in ROM.
Chapter 7: Upper Body Iso-Angular Contraction Tests
Now that we’ve performed the JPT tests and have identified the positions of weakness that correlate with the limitations in ROM in the upper body, it’s time to perform the PICs in order to activate those positions of weakness.
Chapter 8: Trunk & Spine Comparative Assessment Of Mobility
You have completed the assessment and treatment processes for both the lower and upper body and are ready to move into the final portion of the body that we will be addressing through the Jumpstart into MAT process: the trunk and spine.
Chapter 9: Trunk & Spine Jumpstart Positional Tests
Through the JPT testing, we are looking to draw out inefficiencies in muscle contractions through positional testing to identify weaknesses in the muscles that create motion in the trunk and spine.
Chapter 10: Trunk & Spine Positional Iso-Angular Contractions
Now that you have performed the JPT tests for the trunk and spine muscles, you have identified the positions of weakness that relate to the limitations in ROM that were found in the trunk and spine CAM assessment. Moving forward, we will now implement the PICs to activate positions of weakness.
Participants that have learned our Jumpstart process have consistently reported overwhelmingly positive results. They’re amazed to see that, even with a ground-level understanding of the MAT principles, they can create significant change with their clients.

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The 100+ Jumpstart Into MAT videos are step by step, indepth, detailed, and multi-angled to allow for a more well rounded digital learning experience. Our videos go hand in hand with the content presented and are easily accessible on the web as well as iOS and Android devices. Learn anywhere, anytime!

What Will You Learn

Greg Roskopf’s knowledge and insight will provide you with the ability to help clients increase range of motion, accelerate recovery, and unleash the body’s healing power. Throughout each chapter you will learn valuable tools that will allow you to start seeing more positive physical changes with your clients right away.

Why Muscle Tightness Is Caused By Muscle Weakness
Learn why the primary principle behind MAT, muscle tightness, is the result of muscle weakness. It is more powerful than any other mindset out there.
What Causes Muscle Weakness Inside The Body
Where there is stress, trauma, or overuse of a muscle, and the strength tolerance level of that muscle has been exceeded, the resulting inflammation alters the communication between the nervous system and that muscle. The muscle can no longer recover properly, thus it progressively weakens. Learn how to assess, address, and correct these weaknesses for your clients.
What Is And What Causes Muscle Dysfunction
Learn about how muscle dysfunction is caused by the interaction of local and systemic factors, why it happens, and what can be done to fix it.
The Role Of Inflamation And How MAT Helps Reduce It
Learn how to utilize the skills taught exclusively by Greg Roskopf to help address and further negate the resulting inflammation that inevitably occurs from stress, trauma, or overuse to the muscular system.
The Role Of Muscle Testing And How MAT Does It Different
Learn how to use specific assessment techniques that are designed to determine where altered neuromuscular function is occuring in the body. Each of your clients will receive the benefit of being treated uniquely towards their own individual muscle weaknesses and compensation patterns.
The Role Of The Muscular System In All Aspects Of Health
The muscular system is a powerful body system that gets overlooked in conventional medicine for its direct impact on overall health. Learn how obtaining optimal muscular function will effect your overall well being.
38 Proprietary Range Of Motion Exams
A step-by-step guide of how to find your client’s muscle dysfunctions across their lower body, upper body, and trunk-spine. These proprietary range of motion exams are not found anywhere else.
100+ Jumpstart Positional Tests & Position Specific Isometrics
A step-by-step process on how to test for muscle dysfunction in a way that produces high client outcomes. Once muscle dysfunction is revealed in a client, you will now have the tools to properly address their issues and create optimal muscle health.

Who Is This For

Trusted for over more than two decades to relieve pain and restore mobility by top pro athletes. This educational material has been a total game changer for therapists, trainers, and their clients.

Physical Therapists

You see hundreds of patients each year. Imagine how you can help heal by improving muscular stability before and after big surgeries.

Personal Trainers

Have a client that keeps canceling due to lower back pain? Well now you can keep clients on schedule by being the one that can solve their aliments.

Massage Therapists

Have a client with the same complaint after every session? Be the one that alleviates their tightness by addressing their muscular weaknesses.


The perfect combo: You are already a master of the complexities within the skeletal system, so an advanced approach is an unbeatable match.

Strength Coaches

Have the ability to check in on the integrity of your individual clients muscular system before and after every strength session.

Healthcare Professionals

Looking to differentiate yourself in the industry? By utilizing the Jumpstart techniques, the referrals will speak for themselves.

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Whats Comes After Jumpstart?

Jumpstart Into MAT is only a glimpse into the amazing and powerful skillset. Check out our getting started guide to see our recommended next steps.