Trunk & Spine

Jumpstart: Trunk & Spine

The Jumpstart Trunk and Spine Course gives you the ability to assess, address, and correct muscular imbalances in the body effectively and efficiently, regardless of your industry setting.

Course Details

There is a paradigm shift from the conventional thought processes that we are accustomed to in the exercise and rehab fields that is taught in our Jumpstart courses. At the heart, it’s about adopting these new principles and learning new skills that will allow you to best serve the clients that come to you for pain relief, healing, and optimized performance.

In this course, you’ll learn the foundational principles related to this paradigm shift. You will gain a better understanding of the body’s communication pathways connecting the nervous system and the muscle system. Although this course only provides an introduction to the principles of MAT, you will finish this course with valuable tools that will allow you to start seeing more positive physical changes with your clients right away.

You’ll be amazed at the results that you can achieve by applying these basic foundational principles. This experience will provide you with a solid foundation for moving into any additional MAT certification work you choose to undertake in the future.

Our goal is for participants to learn our unique systematic format of Jumpstart tools to help their individual clients function optimally, get back into action, and give them a better quality of life! 

Content Overview

Learn Use of MAT CAM® through the Trunk & Spine
Evaluate range of motion to identify biomechanical imbalances within the trunk region using the Comparative Assessment Mobility Evaluation (CAM) procedure.
Learn How To Apply Our JPT® Protocol
Correlate range of motion limitations to potential muscle weakness through application of Jumpstart Positional Tests (JPT) for the trunk and spine region.
Learn How To Administer Specific PICs®
Learn how to use the corrective Positional Iso-angular Contractions (PIC) process for the trunk and spine as a form of stimulation to activate position of weakness.

Jumpstart Trunk & Spine Course Specifics

8 Comparative Assessment of Mobilities
8 Positional Iso-angular Contractions
8 Jumpstart Positional Tests

Video Details

There are 24 proprietary step-by-step, multi-angled videos taught by Greg Roskopf himself to allow for a more well-rounded digital learning experience. Our videos go hand in hand with the content presented in the Jumpstart Into MAT book that is embedded in the course alongside the correlating videos!

Bonus! The ability to interact with the course material, other participants within the course, and our advanced course instructors allows for participants to ask questions as they progress through each chapter more than ever before! We are excited for you to get started now and see for yourself how powerful this community is.

What Will You Learn

In taking the Jumpstart Trunk and Spine Course, you will gain insider knowledge on Greg Roskopf’s past and current developments that are paving the way toward a new industry in neuromuscular health. 

Learning the Jumpstart tools will provide you with the ability to help clients in any setting, whether you work:

In A Chiropractic Office
In A Gym With Individual Strength Clients
In A Sports Arena With Professional Athletes
In A Physical Therapy Office With Patients Recovering From Surgery
And So Many More!

Take A Peek Inside Our Jumpstart Trunk & Spine Course Below:

You will learn valuable tools that will allow you to start seeing more positive physical changes with your clients right away. 

The Role Of Inflammation In Muscular Dysfunction
Communication between the CNS and the PNS
How To Restore Muscular Health Utilizing MAT Jumpstart

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How To Access

Course content is accessible from within the MAT Community app. This content is delivered online and is learn at your own pace with online video lectures, video assignments, reading assignments and virtual feedback from top MAT instructors. 

This Content Includes:

Web, iOS, Android
Jumpstart Into MAT® Trunk & Spine
24 In-Depth Videos
Multi-Angled Videos
MAT Community Access
Exclusive Forum
Lifetime Access