MAT® technique helping both pro athletes & public

MAT® technique helping both pro athletes & public

In the world of health, the quest for new rehab and conditioning methods is constantly being researched. A new technique only 12 years in the making has made it’s way to Lafayette and it’s getting both high profile athletes and the public back in working order.

“After the first session I ended up with significant improvement. UP until then my weekends were spent laying on the sofa trying to stay out of pain,” MAT® client Michael Gaspard said.

It was a long, painful road for Michael Gaspard. Issues from improper lifting with his offshore work forced him to seek out medical treatment. He was on the verge of surgery when gave MAT® (Muscle Activation Techniques®) a try as a second to last resort.

“Over time this repetitive type of use, or whatever it may be, it might be trauma, will cause a disconnect between the nervous system and the muscle where the communication has got some disconnect,” MAT® Specialist Mike Morris said.

These techniques were developed by biomechanics consultant Greg Roskopf. He also works with the Denver Broncos and has future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning as a client. MAT® uses isolated repetitions or direct stimulation at the origin and insertion points of muscles to reconnect with the central nervous system.

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