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We have three levels within our education continuum: Specialist, Mastery, and MATRx. New participants must begin in the Specialist level.

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To purchase a course, participants navigate to our Education page, and then scroll to find and select the course you would like to purchase. Participants also must be a member of the MAT Community Network. Not a MAT Community Member yet? Click Here to join for free! This is where our community lives and where courses are accessed.

Please check out our Where To Get Started guide to learn more about getting started with MAT.

The majority of our courses are online. All participants begin with the Specialist level. The Specialist level consists of 12 Online courses and 1-in-person Full Body Certification Course after all online courses are completed. No travel is required for the Specialist level until the MAT Full Body Certification Course.

When a partipant is registered and paid for a lower body course ($995) they will have one year to complete that particular course, however, it can be done in as little as 30 days! We recommend starting with MAT-Hip, however, participants may choose between Hip/Knee/Foot. Each course is 20 hours and allows participants to work at their own pace. The average person can complete the entire Specialist level in 10-12 months, including certification courses.

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We would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Allow us to show you the opportunities that are available to MAT Practitioners. We also have a job board that we regularly update with new opportunities.

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