Introducing Our Neuropeak Pro Partnership

Initial Results

During our first pilot study with Neuropeak, we found that there were profound changes that related to the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) pre/post-MAT session readings. Our pilot study showed us that 2/3 of the MAT sessions led to improved HRV readings following treatments.

The initial results suggest that there may be  a positive  connection between MAT treatments and HRV numbers, where MAT sessions have a positive effect on HRV. Research has shown that continual improvements in HRV over time this can lead to improved cardiovascular, respiratory, and brain function. 

Just as MAT was developed to improve and restore the communication of the nervous system and the muscular system, Neuropeak Pro’s programs have been designed to promote balance within the autonomic nervous system. Most importantly, these changes can all be measured! As a MAT practitioner, we know that we are positively impacting our clients health, but through this relationship with Neuropeak Pro and the use of their evaluation and training devices, we can now determine the measurable changes that occur in the body all the way up to the brain level.

– Greg Roskopf, MAT Founder

(1) NTEL BELT for Practitioner – for personal training
(1) unlimited subscription to NPP App for Personal Training and access to NPP coaching content packs
(1) Guest Mode account – The ability to switch your NTEL BELT into guest mode for client training pre/post MAT sessions
(2) Partnership Orientation Sessions with coach
(1) NTEL BELT to sell to your client at $399 MSRP
MAT Special - (1) Year subscription to Neuropeak Pro app for personal training and access to NPP coaching content packs
MAT Special - Buy (5) NTEL BELTS and get (1) free
Monthly subscription fee of $4.99/mo thereafter

*To be eligible to be a reseller of the NTEL BELT you must be registered to collect sales tax in your state and provide your Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption to Neuropeak Pro. Submit this form and purchase your NTEL BELTS for RESALE by clicking on the link to NTEL BELTS for RESALE.

*If you are not registered to collect sales tax and/or are unable to provide a Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate, but would like to participate in the partnership, your business tax advisor may be able to help you register to collect sales tax in your state.


Unlock Your Performance Potential

How It Works

The Neuropeak Pro NTEL BELT, mobile app for iOS and Android, and instructional video content work together to help train users to better manage stress, and to help achieve optimal performance under pressure, by changing the way they breathe.

Curated video instructions from Neuropeak Pro
Customizable diaphragmatic breathing pacer
Heart Rate Variability training
Evaluations to monitor progress
Trends to view your progress and session history over time
Points system to compete against yourself, your team, your coworkers, and beyond

Science Backed Approach

Precision Breathing and HRV training improves performance with a “bottom up” approach that syncs the rhythm of the user’s heart with their breathing structure. The approach is backed by scientific evidence which demonstrates a connection between intentional breathing practices and management of the Autonomic Nervous System’s control of the “fight-or-flight” and “rest-and-recovery” responses.

Why Precision Breathing Training?

Our training involves working to align diaphragmatic breathing and HRV. Precision Breathing and HRV training can help to:

Improve how you respond to stress
Improve your ability to focus
Improve sleep quality
Improve your resiliency
Improve your ability to recover