• Maximizing Muscle Movement: Achieving symmetry and contractile efficiency with MAT®

    “When we strive for peak performance or simply want to help combat the aging effects, muscle maintenance is one area of fitness that needs attention. However, there is more to it than just strengthening sessions and increasing weights at the gym. Communication between your brain and your muscles is an important factor to consider, and […]

  • Column Rapinoe, women’s soccer team get by with a little help from their friends

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    “Ben Dragavon has been many things to many people. He was a goalkeeper for the Seattle Sounders in their first Major League Soccer season. He’s been an assistant coach in the team’s academy system, the strength and goalkeeper coach for the Seattle Reign of the National Women’s Soccer League and a personal trainer to athletes […]

  • MAT® technique helping both pro athletes & public

    In the world of health, the quest for new rehab and conditioning methods is constantly being researched. A new technique only 12 years in the making has made it’s way to Lafayette and it’s getting both high profile athletes and the public back in working order. “After the first session I ended up with significant […]

  • Going to the MAT®

    “He focuses on improving the communication pathways to the brain, to the muscles, resulting in greater stability and strength and less pain and inflammation. “What I do is a neuromuscular overhaul,” he says. As a result, professional and amateur athletes see him regularly to increase strength and flexibility, enhance performance and prevent injuries…”

  • Inside Hope Solo’s innovative goalkeeper training and fitness

    A diving save in soccer is a picture-perfect moment: a gymnastic display of quick reflexes, a gutsy leap with outstretched arms and unfurled fingers. For U.S. women’s national team goalkeeper Hope Solo, preparing for that instant begins not on a grassy surface but a reflective one. “I put tape on a mirror, and I look […]

  • Super Bowl-winning Broncos’ Recovery Advantage

    February 12, 2016 Denver-based Specialist Helps Star Athletes Return to the Field and Perform Better The Denver Broncos had more than a game-day strategy to win Super Bowl 50. In fact, for many years, the team’s long-term strategy behind the scenes has involved Greg Roskopf and his innovative physical approach to injury recovery and prevention. […]

  • Seeking help with injuries, Redskins players consult specialist who can strike a nerve

    “According to Roskopf, who still serves as a consultant for the Broncos, MAT features a hands-on stimulatory technique to re-establish the communication between the nervous system and the muscle systems. When that communication breaks down, rehabilitation exercises are sometimes ineffective…” “What I do with muscle activation techniques, to look at in simplistic terms, we’re tightening battery […]

  • Using Neuroscience to Avoid Injuries

    “Most runners have been there. The race goes well, but the knee starts screaming shortly after the finish. You try stretching, strengthening, and endless foam rolling. Nothing works. When traditional paths to better health fail, some athletes are finding solutions to vexing injuries by trying neuromuscular therapies. These routines are thought to improve coordination, power, and reaction […]

  • Defying the Odds

    “Let me just try to work on you,” Roskopf, an Englewood-based muscle function specialist, told Van Dyken-Rouen. “I know you can’t move, but I want you to just think about lifting your leg up into my hand. Picture it in your head.” Roskopf hoped visualizing a contraction would help her move her muscles. With a […]

  • Full Count: Addison Russell next Cubs star, Carlos Gomez key trade piece for Brewers

    “Third baseman Manny Machado says his surgically repaired knees feel brand new, and he’s working hard to make sure those knees remain strong. Before every game, Machado performs muscle activation techniques to help correct imbalances and ensure that his muscles are functioning properly. Such diligence is necessary — Machado’s body structure from the hips down […]

  • Muscling Through

    5280 The Denver Magazine features Greg Roskopf: “Muscle Activation Technique is essentially a highly personalized assessment and treatment of imbalances in body mechanics that Roskopf developed over the course of about 10 years, largely in search of his own relief. Despite taking a year off from football in college, Roskopf’s back continued to plague him […]

  • First, Do No Harm

    Bridging the Gap: Greg Roskopf, MA, wants health and fitness professionals to recognize that helping clients to improve health and lose weight requires a solid understanding of how to help them control pain and reduce inflammation. “A longtime athlete who found himself constantly falling prey to injury, Greg Roskopf, MA, created a new approach to […]

  • First round draft pick Odell Beckham learning how MAT® helps improve muscle function

    Odell Beckham Jr. is finally getting healthy. And if the Giants’ first-round pick manages to stay that way, he’ll thank Rashad Jennings for the assist. About two weeks ago, Beckham’s hamstring began to show serious progress and the receiver began practicing and buzz started to build that he might be ready for his NFL debut. […]

  • Amy Van Dyken-Rouen credits Muscle Activation Techniques® on the Today Show

    Champion swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen says she’s a more spiritual person since the June ATV accident that severed her spine and left her paralyzed. “You’re like, you know what, there’s something bigger and better than me,” the Olympic gold medalist told TODAY’s Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview Friday. “Maybe you should focus on it […]

  • NY Giants running back Rashad Jennings seeks out MAT®

    But it’s not just Jennings’ choice in hosiery that separates him from his fellow footballers. The former Oakland Raider also maintains a strict, all-organic, gluten-free, casein-free diet, meaning he doesn’t consume any conventionally grown food, wheat, or dairy. The 29-year-old Liberty grad, who played in Jacksonville for four seasons before spending a year in Oakland, […]

  • Immediate Results with MAT®

    Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) can have immediate results for physical therapists and trainers of any type.