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An elite and respected training program embraced by the health and wellness sector, and the professional sports industry.

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Our entry level Jumpstart Training Program, developed by Greg Roskopf, is a cutting-edge and premium learning experience that seamlessly combines accessibility and flexibility, empowering you to gain new skills at your own pace without compromising on quality via our online education platform.

5K+ Practitioners

Trained by Greg Roskopf

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Muscle Activation Techniques is our premier program trusted by professional sports teams and clinical professionals. Harness the power of cutting-edge research and expert instruction to enhance your skills at your own pace, unlocking a world of possibilities in sports and healthcare as a certified MAT Practitioner.

10K+ Practitioners

Trained By Greg Roskopf

Frequently Asked Questions

The MAT online education is a cutting-edge and premium learning experience that empowering you to master new skills

15K+ Practitioners

Completed MAT Courses

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MAT Practitioners work in a variety of settings across the spaces of health, wellness, fitness, and professional sports. Many choose to directly move into the clinical space with backgrounds ranging from Physical Therapy to Chiropractic work. Others move directly into the fitness and professional sports industry as high level trainers and coaches. Those with goals of entrepreneurship tend to start and alunch their own facilities and practices after obtaining MAT Certification.

In order to become a MAT Practitioner you must first obtain certification. Certification can be obtained by completing the required course work and attending an in-house certification event. Once the necessary requirements have been met and you have passed your test, you are officially MAT certified.

Please note: The Jumpstart Training Program does not offer certification. Taking Jumpstart does not make you certified MAT Practitioner.

Prior experience is not necessary to get started however it is highly recommended that those without prior experience begin with our Jumpstart Training Program before taking our advanced MAT courses. We recommend this Jumpstart first so that you may gain a solid understanding of the principles and building blocks of MAT before moving onto our advanced courses and certifications within the MAT Program.

We highly recommend our Jumpstart Training Program for those that have no prior experience in the spaces of health, wellness, and fitness before moving onto our advanced MAT education. The Jumpstart Training Program contains the building blocks and principles from which Muscle Activation Techniques was founded upon. Although Jumpstart offers no certification, the techniques within Jumpstart have been proven to be effective and valuable any every level of ones career. 

For those with professional experience we recommend starting with Muscle Activation Techniques which is our premier and core education.

Create a free account and sign into the MAT Community. Once you are logged in you will be able to start a chat with MAT Support and someone will assist you during standard business hours. In the event that a phone conversation is necessary we will scheudule a call with you so that we may discuss things in further detail.

Free Ebook: A Glimpse Into MAT

Read about Greg Roskopf's journey and gain insight into the history and development of MAT and the education behind it.

Jumpstart Training Program

For those without prior experience who are looking to get introduced the concepts and principles that are the building blocks of MAT.

For those with professional experience that are looking to dive in and begin the path to MAT Certification by meeting course requirements.