MAT Upper Body Refresher:

Module Details

Review how to assess, address, and correct muscular imbalances within the upper body. Review specific range of motion assessments in order to determine which muscle tests to perform on an individual client basis. Participants will review the revolutionary techniques to activating muscles that are not contracting efficiently and likely causing the client discomfort and muscle tightness.

Module Requirements

The Upper Body Refresher Module is a review module. Participants must be a current MAT Certified Upper Body Specialist or hold a higher MAT certification along with the Specialist Upper Body Certification. The course allows 12 weeks to complete and all online coursework must be completed within the 12 week time frame. This is a self-paced course and includes video lectures, reading assignments, and quizzes.

What You Will Review

This module allows students to review the material they learned in their Specialist Upper Body Certification. This course content will review all aspects of the MAT Specialist Upper Body CAMs, AMC&S Tests, DFAMATs, and PICs:

Applications and Assessments of Upper Body Muscle Function
55 Active Muscle Contract and Sustain Tests
55 Digital Force Application to Muscle Attachment Tissues
24 Comparative Assessment of Mobilities
55 Positional Isometric Contractions

Certification Exam

There is no certification exam required for this module.

Notable Benefits

The Refresher module provides a convenient, fully online curriculum, that allows for participants to enhance their learning and retention with access to step-by-step video instruction provided through our exclusive education partner, Broadview College. The Refresher module gives practitioners the ability to review the material they learned previously and does not require travel. Participants receive access to the MAT Specialist Upper Body eBook manual and have the option to purchase the physical manual if they prefer.


12 Weeks To Complete
Fully Online Curriculum
On Demand Videos
On Your Own Time