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Whether you are new to our courses or are a current MAT Practitioner looking to expand your skillset, here is what to expect from us next:
  • If you are eligible for the course you registered for we will send you a link to complete your registration and access your course content right away!
  • If you are not currently eligible for the course you registered for, we will send you a follow up email giving you details on where to start first

Technical FAQs

If you having trouble accessing content please see below:

If you are having trouble logging in, please ensure a couple of things:

  1. You are using the correct URL or the Mighty Networks app and that you are logging into the MAT Community.
  2. You are using the email address associated with your account when you first signed up for the Mighty Network you are a member of. 
  3. You may have signed up using a Social Sign In (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Apple). Please try those options to sign in to your account. If you would like to switch to signing in with your email, you will need to reset your password.

On the web — once you’re logged in, you can just go to the URL in your web browser and it should be easy to hop back in. For easy navigation on the web, be sure to bookmark the MAT Community!

We hope you don’t encounter any issues with using Mighty Networks on the web, so we do recommend using an up-to-date browser for the best experience. Please keep in mind these system requirements.

When accessing your Mighty Network in your desktop browser, we support the latest two versions (production and previous release) of the following major desktop and mobile browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari

If you need to update your browser or download a new one, you can visit

When accessing your Mighty Network from a mobile browser, we recommend:

  • iOS 14+ with either Safari or Chrome
  • Android 5+ with Chrome 

Once you join and create a separate account and login for each Mighty Network you join, you land on the Home tab, which is your Activity Feed. Your Activity Feed is personalized for you. And it’s the heartbeat of your Mighty Network experience.

In the Activity Feed, you’ll see the posts, articles, polls, questions, and events added by your Host and other members. Plus, your Host can also create a Welcome Section of posts for new members and a Featured Section for returning members that you’ll see at the top of Activity Feed on each visit.

Topics organize you and other members’ content and activity. Right now, each post or activity can only be added to one Topic.

As you join or pay for these areas, the activity from these private or paid areas also shows up in your main Activity Feed. It’s only visible to you and the members of that Course or Group.

Here’s another way way to think about it. The MAT Community isn’t like a Facebook Group, but rather like having your own Facebook with Facebook Groups and Events, among other features, all right there.

Start a Chat Conversation

To start a chat with one or more other members, click the chat icon in the upper right and click “+” to start a new chat, then search for the names of the members you want to add, select them, and click “Start Chat”. Once a chat has been created, you cannot add new members to it. You will need to start a new chat.

You can also start a chat with one other member by going to their profile and clicking “Say Hello”.

Existing Chat Conversations

In the mobile apps, tap the chat icon to open your chat list, where you can access previous conversations and start new ones. On the web, click the chat icon in the upper right corner to see a list of your existing chats. 

You can search for existing chat conversations from within a chat. By typing a name into the search bar, you’ll see any relevant member names appear along with a text preview of the associated conversation. You can do this on both web and mobile through the chat conversation search bar at the top of the chat list.

Archiving Chat Conversations

Archiving a chat conversation will hide the conversation from your chat list. However, the chat will reappear in the list if another member adds a message to the conversation. 

If you archive a chat and want to unarchive it, you can do so by recreating the conversation with the same people. Create a new chat, add the members, and when you click “Start Chat” the conversation will pick up where you left off.

If the archived conversation is with just one other person, you can also unarchive it by navigating to their profile and clicking “Say Hello.” 

Blocking Members & Muting Chat Conversations

If you want to block a member through chat, in the chat window with the member, click the three-dot menu then choose the option to block the member. When you block a member, you will no longer receive notifications or 1-to-1 messages from this member. You also won’t see their posts in your Activity Feed. You can read more about blocking a member here.

Members will receive notifications for chats if they have the setting turned on in their personal settings. They can also mute notifications for a specific chat conversation.