Whether you are interested in becoming a new student or are a current MAT practitioner, here’s what you can expect from us:

New students will be contacted by a Broadview College admissions representative for certifications and degree inquiries
Current practitioners will be contacted by an MAT education team member for skills assessment inquries
More details about your education options
Answers to your tuition and funding questions
Upcoming module or assessment start dates

Questions Students Are Asking

Prospective students tend to generally ask us these questions before enrolling.

Muscle Activation Techniques has created a premier partnership with Broadview College to deliver a direct pathway toward the MAT Certifications through a secure and convenient online platform. MAT modules have built in required virtual labs providing engaging educational content as well as a required on-site Exam Prep and Certification Exam (EPCE) for preparation and certification testing at the MAT World Headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The EPCE is an exciting one day opportunity to network with peers, practice your new skillset with instructor feedback and then immediately test for MAT certification. Broadview College Admissions Representatives work exclusively with MAT students and practitioners on their needs as they consider and register for our online modules or degree program.

Broadview College is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award certificates, associate of applied science degrees, and bachelor of science degrees:

The AAS Degree in MAT offers financial aid for those who qualify. Students will meet with our financial aid department to determine what assistance they may be eligible for and create a financial plan. An Admissions Representative will help connect you with the financial aid department.

Specialist and MATRx Module students can divide their payment into 3 equal payments and submit the first payment prior to the start of the course, the 2nd payment at week 4 and the final payment at week 8 of the course. Mastery Module and all Refresher Module tuition payments are due prior to the start of the course. Financial aid is not available for the single subject modules.

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) has partnered with Broadview College to offer an Associate of Applied Science MAT Specialist Degree Program. This 91 credit program can be completed in as few as 7 quarters – with full time enrollment. The Associate Degree Program is offered online with exams at the MAT Headquarters in Colorado. Each 11 week MAT quarter concludes with an on-site exam prep and certification exam. All online coursework must be successfully completed to attend the exam prep and practical exam for certification.

Our certification modules are taught online through our exclusive partnership with Broadview College. Participants gain access to the module material at the start of the quarter. The modules consist of online coursework through video lectures, reading assignments, practical application assignments, and live, instructor lead virtual labs. BVC has brought the MAT certifications to an online format where more flexibility and opportunity is brought to the student and is able to match their lifestyle as they work to advance their skillsets. Modules are available 24/7 online and participants will work at their own pace to complete the certification module within the required timeframe. At the end of the online portion of the quarter, students will attend the in person Exam Prep and Certification Exam to test for the specific MAT Certification module(s).

Participants must start in the Specialist Lower Body Module and upon completion and certification of that module, participants may move into the other Specialist module certification options which include Upper Body, Trunk and Spine, and Cervical, Hand and Foot. Certified Specialist Lower Body Practitioners must wait one year post certification prior to enrolling in the Mastery level Lower Body Certification module. The same goes for the other Specialist level certifications and their respective Mastery Level Certification modules.

If a practitioner is Specialist certified in the full body, they may advance into any Mastery level modules and enroll in these modules in any order.