MAT Specialist Online Certificate

In partnership with Broadview University.

Earn college credit while training for your MAT® Specialist Certification. Muscle Activation Techniques(MAT)® has partnered with Broadview University to offer a MAT® Specialist Certificate Program.

This 36 credit program to become a MAT®  specialist can be completed in as few as 4 quarters*. This program is offered online with an exam prep component and test for certification at the end of each quarter. Over the course of 12 months, students will complete the required Lower Body, Upper Body, Trunk & Spine, and Cervical, Hand & Foot Modules.

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What Will You Learn

  • You will learn how to assess and address muscular imbalances within each section of the body after working through every module in this certificate program.
  • You will learn specific activation techniques and be expected to learn all attachment sites and bony landmarks along with the specific isometrics for all areas of the body.
  • After taking the MAT certificate program you will be prepared to test for the MAT Specialist Certification.
  • You will explore the complexity of the muscular system’s role in injuries and performance enhancement.
“Greg Roskopf’s MAT has been so powerful in our practice that Anne-Marie and I have a 6 to 8-week waiting list for our MAT skills. MAT not only improved our patient care and skill set, but it helped our bottom line at the clinic. It has assured us a patient load that, in a profession of dwindling private practices, enabled us to prosper”
Mark & Anne-Marie Trombold,
Physical Therapists – Seattle, WA

Notable Benefits Of The Specialist Program

  • Financial Aid is available to participants in this program who qualify. Visit the FINANCIAL AID page at Broadview University for more information.
  • Convenient online curriculum to enhance learning and retention!
  • Live hands-on experience at MAT Headquarters in Denver, CO for practical exam prep and testing.
  • Taught by top MAT Instructors, who are available for support throughout the program.
  • Full access to videos and coursework throughout the year to support the retention of information.
  • Convenient online learning with limited travel for the busy individual.
  • Advance your career by setting yourself above others in your field and increase your earning potential


Not ready for the year long commitment of the Certificate Program? Check out our self-paced single-subject modules.

A Few Things You SHould Know

  • The Specialist Certificate program is designed to be completed in 12 months with year-long classes. All participants are required to have successfully completed and passed the training portion prior to attending the required exam prep and test for certification.
  • Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Visit the FINANCIAL AID  page for more information.
  • The next MAT Specialist Certificate program starts July 6th, 2021! For prerequisite information, please click here! Have questions? Call 651-332-8089 or email and talk with an education specialist!
  • Acceptance and successful progression through the Muscle Activation Techniques coursework does not automatically ensure certification or licensure eligibility. Licensure requirements are determined within cities, counties, municipalities, and states and students need to research local requirements to ensure compliance.