Dr. Ryan Coufal

Rock Solid PT

Dr. Ryan Coufal

PT, DPT, MATRx® Full Body Specialist, Instructor of Masters, Specialist, and Jumpstart Programs

Dr. Ryan Coufal holds his B.S. in Exercise Science, his Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and is a MATRx® Full Body Specialist. Dr. Coufal is co-owner of Rock Solid Physical Therapy, Powered by MAT®. During his professional career as a physical therapist, Dr. Coufal focused on sports post-surgical rehabilitation and return to sport, Spinal Cord Injury Recovery with emphasis on neuroplasticity of the neuromuscular system utilizing MAT®, and maintenance of the neuromuscular system to keep professional athletes and weekend warriors performing their sports/activities at the most optimal level. 

As both a Physical Therapist and MATRx® Full Body Specialist, Dr. Coufal has established himself as a leading professional in the field, specializing in spinal cord injuries and increasing muscle contractile efficiency to promote efficient gait mechanics. He is known for his work with professional athletes to prepare them for game ready post injury as well as maintenance both during season and post season. 

From actors, actresses, stunt men, Olympians, UFC fighters, Football players, and other professional athletes, to the every day person injured in a car accident, Dr. Coufal is passionate about helping combat the growing need for pain recovery in our society.