Gorka Ipinza

Gorka Ipinza

MAT® Rx Foot and Hand Specialist and Jumpstart Instructor

Gorka Ipinza has been working for 25 years with athletes from different specialties, from amateur categories to elite ones, as the Spanish Professional Soccer league “LFP” , Spanish basketball league “ACB”, National Rugby League, triathlon athletes, surfers on the international circuit, professional swimmers, golfers, long distance runners, etc. In addition, Gorka has a great experience in the rehabilitation of different pathologies associated with the neuromusclular system.

He is the owner, founder and member of the “Activación Muscular Training” the first and only specialized center in northern Spain. Gorka is Master in Biomechanics and Exercise’s Mechanics by Resistance Institute, supported by RTS (Resistance Training Specialist).

In 2007 he founded his own personal training business “Ipinza Entrenadores” specialize in personal training at home.

Currently, he teaches in several courses, conferences and masters, related to physical activity and health.

Since 2011, Gorka Ipinza works exclusively as muscle activator in his own center in Lasarte – Oria (Spain) Activación Muscular Training.


  • International Certificate as Fitness Instructor by FISAF (Federation Internationale des Sports et aerobis Fitness) – 1999
  • Personal Trainer – International Certificate by ACE (American Council on Exercise) – 2001
  • Master in Biomechanics and Exercise’s Mechanical by Resistance Institute, supported by RTS (Resistance Training Specialist) – 2005
  • Certificate MAT® Jumpstart – 2009
  • MAT® Specialist – 2011
  • MAT® Master Specialist – 2013
  • MAT® Rx Specialist – “Foot” and “Wrist & Hand” – 2015
  • Performing MAT® Rx Internship from January 2016


Gorka Ipinza trabaja desde hace 25 años con deportistas de diferentes especialidades, en categorías amateur y de élite como la Liga de Futbol Profesional Española, Liga de baloncesto ACB, Liga nacional de Rugby, Triatletas, Surfistas del circuito internacional, nadadores profesionales, golfistas, velocistas y fondistas, etc., Además, Gorka cuenta con amplia experiencia en la rehadaptación de diversas patologías asociadas al sistema neuromuscular.

Es propietario y miembro de Activación Muscular Training, primer y único centro especializado en Técnicas de Activación Muscular – MAT en el norte de España.

Es Master en Biomecánica y Mecánica del ejercicio por Resistance Institute, avalado por RTS (Resistance Training Specialist).

En 2007 fundó su propia empresa de entrenamiento personal Ipinza Entrenadores especializados en el entrenamiento personal a domicilio.

Es docente en diversos cursos, congresos y masters, relacionados con la actividad física y la salud.

Desde 2011, Gorka Ipinza trabaja en exclusividad como Activador Muscular en Activación Muscular Training en su centro de Lasarte – Oria. (España).


  • ‪Certificado Internacional como Fitness Instructor por FISAF (Federation Internationale des Sports Aerobis et Fitness) – 1999.
  • ‪Personal Trainer – Certificado Internacional por ACE (American Council on Exercise) – 2001.
  • ‪Master en Biomecáncia y Mecánica del Ejercicio por Resistance Institute, Avalado por RTS (Resistance Training Specialist) – 2005.
  • ‪Certificado MAT® Jumpstart – 2009.
  • MAT® Specialist – 2011.
  • ‪MAT® Master Specialist – 2013.
  • MAT® Rx Specialist – “Foot” and “Wrist & Hand” – 2015.
  • Realizando MAT® Rx Internship desde enero del 2016.