Ilya Fishman

Ilya Fishman

MATRx® Full Body Specialist

Ilya has spent the last decade working in the field of fitness and health. Playing competitive basketball in his youth created a lifelong love of fitness and most importantly the need to have optimal fitness to thrive in life. He knew to fully achieve total success in athletics or life, the body had to be trained to a peak level of performance.

After entering the fitness field in 2009 he quickly realized that he needed more tools to truly find success with his clients and his introduction to MAT® in 2010 gave him just the tool he was looking for. He began the MAT® internship in 2011 and in the last 7 years not only did he become one of the few MATRx® practitioners in the world but ran a successful fitness and MAT® practice in San Francisco. His dream was always to work at the HQ with Greg Roskopf and in Fall of 2018 he was extended an opportunity to join the MAT® HQ in Denver.

Ilya brings a unique blend of fitness expertise and MAT® skill. He combines the two to create a more powerful result that has not only positive short-term changes, but also long-term success.

When he isn’t working, Ilya loves to take his road bike out on long rides.