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Lisa Moore, PA

Prior to moving to Arizona in 2006, I started doing Triathlons. I did all the training on my own but I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. After 6 months, I developed severe IT band syndrome. I tried acupuncture, hired a personal trainer to strengthen me, saw an orthopedic surgeon and got an MRI but nothing worked. When I moved to Arizona from Massachusetts, the pain still persisted, I seriously couldn’t run more than 7 minutes at a time without stabbing pains in my hip and knee. I went to a couple of Physical Therapists trying to do different modalities that they recommended, got cortisone shots and tried Graston Technique all with no luck. Despite all of this, I continued training and did the Ironman competition anyway.  I did all my run training on the elliptical. I finished the race under the time limit (that’s all I cared about anyway). After the race, I was discouraged and was about to cancel my gym membership when I came upon an article talking about Muscle Activation Techniques®. I called the local practitioner, Karen Hendericksen, and thought what the heck do I have to lose?! I’ve spent tons of hours and money [trying to find something that worked for me]. So I met up with Karen and within 8 sessions I was running without pain! I met her in May 2008 and saw her until April 2009.  I did every level of triathlon and I finished it up with the Boston Marathon and I never once had pain. After moving back to Massachusetts, I got an orthopedic job at a hospital in Sports Medicine but I just kept going back to MAT®, it was such a life changer for me and there was no one in my area doing I yet. I decided to sign up for the Specialist Program in 2010, traveling from Massachusetts to Denver, one weekend a month and I have never looked back on it.  Since being certified in 2012, I am able to work as a MAT® Specialist while still working full time as an orthopedic PA.

INTERVIEWER: What about the other doctors in the hospital? What is there take on MAT®? Do they ask questions about it?

When I was doing all the traveling they were asking, why are you going to Denver? And I would tell them all about MAT®. There’s a couple of doctors that I directly work with and they became more interested and supportive. For the most part, they know I have a business of doing MAT® on the side. One doctor has seen me for himself and another doctor took my card for his wife. I have since established a network with these doctors who now refer their patients to me after they don’t respond with their own treatments.

Lisa Moore, PA

Physician Assistant