Student Experience

The opportunities within our education continuum continue to grow and expand. As you learn about our offerings, note that your journey as a new student begins with the Lower Body Specialist certification.

What To Expect

New Students

As a new student your MAT Journey begins with the Specialist Lower Body Certification. Here you will learn the principles behind the power of MAT, developing the skillset to assess and address muscular imbalances, how to create better client outcomes, and differentiate yourself in the industry.

New Students

Lower Body

The MAT Lower Body module studies the approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances within the lower body. Students are trained on the MAT tools used to identify restrictions in joint instability that relate to muscle tightness and weakness. Students learn the unique systematic format to help their clients function with maximum efficiency and give them a better quality of life.

Have Questions

Payment Plans Available

Whether you are a new student or a returning student we understand that you may have questions and or need assistance. Please feel free to request more info and an admission representative will be happy to speak with you via phone or email.

What To Take Next

Finished Lower Body?

Students may continue their learning after completing the Specialist Lower Body module and advance their practical skillsets by continuing to complete the Specialist level modules or by continuing on the Lower Body track by moving onto Mastery Lower Body.


Mastery Lower Body

The Mastery Lower Body Certification module teaches participants advanced skills building off their Specialist Lower Body Certification. Participants will continue to explore the relationship of muscle function, joint stability, and joint mobility through the specialized technique of passive muscle testing.

Eligible after completing Specialist Lower Body.


Upper Body

Eligible after completing the Specialist Lower Body module.


Trunk & Spine

Eligible after completing the Specialist Lower Body module.


Cervical, Hand & Foot

Eligible after completing the Specialist Lower Body module.


Prefer To Specialize

Take A Specific Track

Are you interested in specializing in a specific section of the body? After completing the Lower Body module you are free to pick and choose a specific modules that suit your educational preference. 

Start Dates

We offer multiple start dates per year in partnership with Broadview College. All new MAT students start in the Specialist Lower Body Certification Module. Check out our upcoming module starts in all levels of education offered by clicking into our planning calendar. We are excited to meet you!
Add-On To Your Skillset

Existing Professionals

Regardless of where you start in your journey toward becoming a Certified MAT Practitioner, we are excited to meet you, educate you, and hear about your successes in making an impact on your clients after introducing them to your new skillset.  

By the end of your certification, you will be able to differentiate the strength of your client’s subconscious muscle contractions by touch and address their muscular imbalances that are wreaking havoc on their systems. Let us help you get them back on track, doing what they love in order to improve their quality of life.

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists gain the ability to create a more customized treatment plan based on each individual client need. MAT helps Physical Therapists to make better decisions by utilizing MATs unique checks and balances system.

Massage Therapists

Massage Therapists get answers for their clients that have unresolved pain or chronic tightness. Adding MAT to their massage sessions enables them to find and focus on the muscles that are not contracting efficiently and see results right away.

Athletic Therapists

Athletic Therapists gain access to make immediate changes on their athletes function, on and off the field. MAT is utilized in many Professional Sports arenas and is an effective tool professional athletes rely on to extend their time at the top.

Exercise Professionals

Practitioners in the exercise field depend on MAT as a tool to help prepare, prevent, and preserve their clients muscular system to stay happy and healthy – all the while keep them coming back to training no matter their age or condition.

Seeking A Career Change ?

If you are in an already established career field or seeking a change we can help. Contact us to discuss how MAT can be an amazing add-on to your current skillset and help differentiate you from others within your career field.

Frequently Asked Questions

All healthcare professionals can benefit from MAT. Professionals that gain the most from our seminars include those that regularly treat chronic pain or soft-tissue/neurofascial/neuromuscular disorders, as well as those in the occupational or sports medicine fields.

Payment for this program is an important decision for all of our students.  We have options to help fit different timing and budgeting factors. We encourage you to connect with an Admissions representative to discuss financial aid eligibility and payment plan options however the below gives you an overview of opportunities we have:

Option #1

Participants can pay for modules upfront.

Option #2

Participants can divide module payments into three (3) equal monthly payments.

Option #3

If there is interest in financial aid, please connect with an admissions representative by calling in at 303-745-4270 or emailing

Option #4

Apply for one of our scholarship opportunities. Participants can learn more about these scholarships by connecting with an admissions representative.

What do our practitioners say:

“I wish that I had known about MAT earlier in my career. It has dramatically improved my ability to help get my patients out of pain back to doing the things they love to do. MAT has also given me the ability to make breakthroughs with my most difficult and chronic patients.”

– P. Chris Bierbrauer, Chiropractor and MAT Practitioner, Minneapolis, MN

“If you have ever thought about enrolling in MAT®, stop second guessing yourself and jump in! It took me 2-3 years to commit to the program. I could have helped so many more people if I would have went with my gut feeling a few years ago. Pursue your passion. If you like muscles and want to help people to feel better, there’s nothing like MAT.”

– Calan Combs, Personal Trainer and MAT Practitioner, Edmond, OK

MAT has been a game changer for me, my clients, my family, and my friends. Word has spread fast not because of clever marketing on my part, but because the results are so obvious and so beneficial. People call it a magic treatment.”

– Byron Ng, MAT Practitioner,  Davie, FL

“MAT is so insanely powerful…it transformed my life when I was a client at age 14. It gave me my life back when nothing else could, and I have seen the same story play out countless times in our facility and around the country.”

– Sam Roe, MAT Practitioner, San Diego, CA

Our content is designed for practitioners who are looking to make a significant difference with their careers and the lives of their clients, therefore more time and dedication are required to build on this revolutionary skillset. 

There is no other program that has this level of proprietary content but that’s why our practitioners have unusually high levels of client outcomes.

Here Are What our Practitioners Say:

“Many people in the professional, athletic, and even physical therapy industry do not understand the potential MAT can do for musculoskeletal function AND pain levels. Its powers are astounding. You will never look at dysfunction the same way.”

Michael Balensiefer, Massage Therapist and MAT Practitioner, Arlington, VA

“I have been able to help change so many peoples lives for the better, it really does help give people a better quality of life.”

– Grant Wegner, MAT Practitioner for EDS Patients, Washington D.C.

“MAT is an amazing and sometimes life changing technique that is in a class of its own. One of the many things that makes it so unique is that it works with the body instead of against it.”

Brad Bischoff, CSCS and MAT Practitioner, Louisville, KY

Clients from all over the world have sent in personal testimonials speaking to their individual journey to health. These clients come from all different walks of life and life experience, they have worked with different MAT Practitioners from around the world. Take a peek for yourself by visiting our youtube channel here: MAT Client Testimonials Playlist

We have had many thousands of practitioners come through our certification programs. In this they have changed their lives utilizing this modality to better their individual careers. Our community of practitioners come from all walks of life, some come from a physical therapy background, some a massage therapy background, others have a personal training background, and some even have a been a client of MAT and choose to change their career completely and become certified. Greg Roskopf, founder of MAT, will be interviewing practitioners that have come through his certification programs and we all get to learn from their experiences. Check out the interview series here: MAT Practitioner Interview Series

MAT makes everything simple so you can focus on delivering immediate results to your clients. All new MAT participants must begin with the Specialist Lower Body Module.  Request more and get started by clicking here.

If you are interested in more MAT content, check out Greg Roskopf’s latest published book, Jumpstart Into MAT! Click here to learn more and purchase today.

The practical in-person Exam Preparation and Certification Exam (EPCE) is mandatory for the Specialist Lower Body, Specialist Cervical Hand & Foot, and all Mastery modules. The EPCEs for Specialist Upper Body and Specialist Trunk & Spine are optional. Please review the module requirements or connect with an admissions representative for more information on travel requirements.

Yes. All MAT modules have manuals that work alongside your video coursework. These manuals are available

If you are interested in ordering a hardcopy, please reach out to with the module title you are interested in. You must be currently enrolled in the course or have previously taken the course in order to purchase these manuals.


Suggested Reading

If you aren’t ready to start on a path towards full certification just yet we highly recommend you pick up the Jumpstart Into MAT book to introduce yourself to MAT at an entry level.