MAT® Trunk & Spine:

Module Details

Learn how to assess, address, and correct muscular imbalances within the trunk and spine. Learn specific range of motion assessments in order to determine which muscle tests to perform on an individual client basis. Participants will be taught revolutionary techniques to activating muscles that are not contracting efficiently and likely causing the client discomfort and muscle tightness.

Module Requirements

The Trunk and Spine Module is a 12-week, self-paced certification module. There is a midterm virtual lab that reviews the first half of the course material and the final virtual lab reviews all of the course content covered in the module. Both labs are led by a live instructor in a practical workshop setting.

What You Will Learn

Each 12 week online MAT module concludes with an Exam Prep and Certifiation Exam (EPCE) at the state of the art MAT headquarters in Denver, CO. The EPCE for the Trunk & Spine Module is optional to attend and there is a required virtual practical exam.

Applications and Assessments of Trunk And Spine Muscle Function
33 Active Muscle Contract and Sustain Tests
33 Digital Force Application to Muscle Attachment Tissues
11 Comparative Assessment of Mobilities
33 Positional Isometric Contraction


The Trunk & Spine Certification Exam occurs in the final virtual lab.

The Trunk & Spine Examination Prep and Certification Exam (EPCE) is an optional in person component, giving participants the opportunity to come to the state-of-art MAT Headquarters and practice with their peers. This instructor led, in-person review day, allows for refining skills in preparation for working in the field. Check the planning calendar to view the upcoming EPCE date for this module.

Notable Benefits

A convenient online curriculum allows for participants to enhance their learning and retention with access to step-by-step video instruction provided through our exclusive education partner, Broadview College. Top MAT Instructors teach our modules and are available throughout the entire program offering feedback, grading course work, and offering office hours.

Peer to peer study sessions are also available for participants to utilize throughout their time in the course. Given our flexible certification modules with limited travel, our courses appeal from new industry professionals to those with established careers.

Required Course Materials

Ebooks provided for “Foundations of Muscle Activation Techniques” and “MAT Specialist Trunk & Spine Techniques.” 

Foundations of Muscle Activation Techniques

MAT Specialist Trunk & Spine Techniques

The Trail Guide to the Human Body

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New Students

All new students are required to begin their MAT education at the Specialist Lower Body Certification level before continuing onto higher education levels and certifications.

12 Weeks To Complete
Online Curriculum
On Demand Videos
On Your Own Time
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