MAT® Masters Program

MAT® Mastery Program

Fine tune Your Practical Skills

  • Fulfill MAT® Continuing Education Requirements
  • Advance your skills and obtain MAT® Mastery Specialist Certification enabling you to expand your techniques.
  • Explore the specific divisions of the body and fine tune the appropriate muscle tests.
  • Gain exposure to the most progressive MAT® research, development, and muscle tests.
  • ***MAT® Specialist certification is a required prerequisite***

Upcoming Masters Workshops

Stay tuned for updates on changes to the Masters Workshops. We are excited to share the new direction we are headed! For information on MAT® Online Mastery Modules offered through Broadview University CLICK HERE

See start dates for the MAT® Online Mastery Modules below.

Online Mastery Module Start Dates

Mastery Category Start Date Lab Dates
Foot Function May 18 July 10 – 11
Upper Body July 6 August 14 – 15
Wrist and HandAugust 17October 2-3