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who is greg roskopf? how did he develop mat™?



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Interviewer: How did you develop Muscle Activation Techniques®?

Greg Roskopf’s Response to Denver Post: Defying All Odds: “When he was 19 and working a summer job at a rock quarry outside his home town of Buffalo Roskopf accidentally fell 20 feet and fractured his vertebrae. His college football career at William Penn University ended abruptly and years of lingering injuries started immediately. Knee problems. Hip problems. Plantar fasciitis. One after another, with no explanation of how they came about or why they wouldn’t disappear. The more he stretched, the more he hurt. And the more he exercised, the weaker he got.

“I took a step back and asked, well, why am I so tight?” said Roskopf, 52, who has a master’s degree in physical education with an emphasis in exercise science from Fresno State, where he started his career as a strength and conditioning coach, in 1985.

“I thought about this idea when you walk on ice — you tighten up as a protective mechanism. What hit me then is maybe this tightness is a symptom, just like my pain is a symptom. And that it’s tightening up because of an instability issue.”

Roskopf’s theory: Correct the way in which the brain “talks” to the muscles. If the signal can’t be sent, the muscles can’t fire.

For nearly 25 years, Roskopf has been putting his theory to work, with widespread acceptance. He opened his first M.A.T. facility in Englewood 15 years ago, after working full-time for the Broncos for three years. (He now works part-time for the Broncos and Nuggets.)”  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Interviewer from ACE: How do you feel health and fitness professionals can do their part to help people overcome injury, increase their level of physical activity and learn more about nutrition?

Greg Roskopf’s Response in “First, Do No Harm” from IdeaFit Magazine: Health and fitness professionals are accountable for the well-being of each of their clients. People come to us to get healthy. They are hiring us as health and fitness “specialists.” Therefore, it is not only our job but our responsibility to understand all of the variables associated with exercise and its role in overall health.

My best advice to health and fitness professionals is to always continue to educate yourselves so that you can provide more effective service to your clients. Understanding anatomy and kinesiology is no longer enough. Trainers not only need to understand how to apply exercises, but they also need to recognize that exercise can have both negative and positive effects on the overall health of the body. Since two of the major factors related to improved health and weight loss are controlling pain and reducing inflammation, anything that you can do to positively affect these issues becomes essential in the training for every client. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

How do you explain MAT® that are experiencing the treatment for the first time?

Greg Roskopf’s Response in Seeking help with injuries, Redskins players consult specialist who can strike a nerve” from The Washington Times: “What I do with muscle activation techniques, to look at in simplistic terms, we’re tightening battery cables. We improve the communication so the muscles can contract more efficiently, tolerate greater amounts of force and can protect yourself from injury. More than anything, it helps speed up the rehabilitation process. These guys come in and this rehabilitation process is just so slow because of this altered communication. It’s almost like if you jump-start a battery on your car and you drive it, it reinforces it, but if you try to continuously start your car when you have a dead battery, it’s never going to start when you have a dead battery.” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE



Greg Roskopf has devoted his career to the study of the “cause and effect” of the muscular system and how it relates to pain. As the author of the Roskopf Principle and the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques® he has developed a progran (MAT®) that fills the gap between the medical and the exercise fields. He has applied his MAT® technique to patients and taught MAT® certification courses for decades.

Greg works with clients of various levels of physical capabilities. Greg has also worked as a consultant for various professional sports teams including: the Denver Broncos, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets.

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