MATRx® Program

Our Elite MATRx® Program

  • Learn the most advanced total body process to achieve improved results
  • Focus on techniques that can deliver even greater contractile abilities, a higher muscular stress threshold, and an increased ability for the muscles to “hold” this contractile ability
  • Participate in courses that are exclusively conducted by Greg Roskopf

This is an invitation only course. Participant invitations typically include those practitioners who have achieved Master Level status in MAT® or have attended the appropriate Master level classes on a schedule that exceeds the basic requirements needed for continuing education.

By implementing these principles, you will be able to further improve the results that you are having with your clients. These classes will demonstrate how powerful the MATRx® principles can be if you apply the principles throughout the whole body. MATRx® is the future of MAT®.

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Upcoming Rx Classes

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Please note that these classes are MATRx®, meaning MAT® Prescriptive Rules. In order to effectively perform the techniques, strict adherence to the limited course availability timelines are required.