MAT Virtual Pre-Assessment

MAT will offer inactive practitioners the opportunity to take a virtual pre-assessment prior to taking the in-house annual skills assessment if they are seeking active status.

MAT Virtual Pre-Assessment

This virtual pre-assessment is the first step for inactive practitioners to rejoin the active MAT community.

  • This is a one hour pre assessment for the instructor to view skills prior to practitioner coming in house for the actual assessment.
  • Part of the hour will be for the instructor to communicate results after observing skills of the practitioner.
  • If approved by instructor, the practitioner can come in house for the in-person assessment. If not approved, instructor will make recommendations for the practitioner to do prior to taking in-person assessment.
  • Upon purchasing ticket the MAT support team will help schedule your virtual pre-assessment with an approved MAT instructor. 
  • Once virtual pre-assessment is completed the practitioner can then register for in-house skills assessment.
  • In addition, the completion of the virtual pre-assessment will provide the practitioner validation of eligibility to purchase video memberships.

MAT Virtual Pre-Assessment


Virtual Location & Assessment Host

The virtual pre-assessment allows practitioners in inactive status to have their skills assessed at a location convienient to them prior to traveling to the Denver office for their in person assessment.

Ilya Fishman

MAT Instructor &
MATRx Practitioner