Our Education

The opportunities within our education continuum continue to grow and expand. As you learn about our offerings, note that your journey as a new student begins with the Lower Body Specialist certification.


Our certification modules give professionals the missing link in the health and wellness industry, bringing neuromuscular integrity back to clients around the world. Join our innovative movement and begin your journey toward becoming certified today!

Continuing Education

MAT Practitioners may continue their learning by advancing their practical skillsets through upper level certification modules. We require Practitioners to complete an annual assessment to ensure all practitioners meet the industry standard within their current certified credential.




New students can get in the game by starting with the MAT Specialist Lower Body module, and then progress their way to becoming a certified MAT Full Body Specialist. This is the first step in your educational journey as an MAT practitioner.




Once you complete your MAT Specialist Certification, you can begin our Mastery modules. Our Mastery content expands on the skillset that you obtained in your Specialist level modules while advancing your ability to help your clientele.




MATRx is our elite program that is for the best of the best. Those looking to join this select number of practitioners must first complete their Specialist and Mastery Full Body Certifications. Only then can you level up.

New Students

Where Does A New Student Begin ?

As a new student your MAT Journey begins in the Specialist Lower Body Certification. Here you will learn the principles behind the power of MAT, developing the skillset to assess and address muscular imbalances, how to create better client outcomes, and differentiate yourself in the industry.
Educational Differentiator

Why Become An MAT Certified Practitioner ?

MAT enables you to become a leader in your industry by becoming the “go-to” practitioner that is able to identify and address the causes of muscular dysfunction and resolve associated pain in any client that walks through the door. It’s the differentiator that Greg Roskopf has used for 20+ years to help clients ranging from professional athletes to older clients recovery from surgery and still relies on today. 

Notable Outcomes

Conditions MAT Has Been Known To Relieve

Though our best success stories often come from those who sought MAT treatment as a final option, we have found that anyone dealing with discomfort should consider MAT and its benefits as a first option. Save your clients the emotional, physical, and monetary expense of invasive, risky, costly, and tedious courses of treatment or surgery.

Back Pain
Knee Pain
Joint Pain
Carpel Tunnel
Shoulder Pain
Lower Back Pain
Overuse Injuries
Frozen Shoulder
Repetitive Stress
Numbing Sprains

Fast Client Outcomes

100% of our practitioners say that MAT gives them a unique skillset in their individual market based on a 2021 survey measuring the success of our practitioners.

Increased Client Referrals

90% of our practitioners say that their client’s initial complaints or muscular dysfunctions are completely resolved in 1 of 10 MAT sessions.


Higher Session Charges

Given their consistent and positive results, our practitioners report that their ability to earn more for their unique skillset is pronounced.
Unique Skillset 

99% of our practitioners say that MAT gives them a unique skillset in their individual market.

Practitioner Database
Let us feature your success by listing you on our exclusive Find A Practitioner database and get clients to contact you directly for services.

Our practitioners come from all over the world to learn this valuable skillset. We are proud of our community of driven individuals making a difference every day!

Have Questions ?

Whether you are a new student or returning student we understand that you may have questions. Please feel free to request more info and an admission representative will be happy to speak with you via phone or email.