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The opportunities within our education continuum continue to grow and expand. As you learn about our offerings, note that your journey begins with the Lower Body Specialist certification.


Certification modules give professionals the missing link in the health and wellness industry. Join our innovative movement and begin your journey toward becoming certified today!

Associate Degree

We are the only muscle dysfunction assessment and correction program in the United States of America that offers an accredited degree program! Learn more about eligibility by connecting with us.

Continuing Education

MAT Practitioners, at all levels of certification, are required to complete continuing education to remain listed on the MAT website and to acknowledge they are maintaining their practical skillset.

Where The Journey Begins

As a new student your MAT Journey begins in the Specialist Lower Body Certification. Here you will learn the principles behind the power of MAT, developing the skillset to assess and address muscular imbalances, how to create better client outcomes, and differentiate yourself in the industry.
Certification Process

Why Become MAT Certified

MAT enables you to become a leader in your industry by becoming the “go-to” practitioner that is able to identify and address the causes of muscular dysfunction and resolve associated pain in any client that walks through the door. It’s the differentiator that Greg Roskopf has used for 20+ years to help clients ranging from professional athletes to older clients recovery from surgery and still relies on today. Learn more about your possibilities with an MAT certification below!

Unique Skillset 

99% of our practitioners say that MAT gives them a unique skillset in their individual market.

Improved Client Outcomes

80% of our practitioners say that their client’s initial complaints or muscular dysfunctions are completely resolved in 1 of 6 MAT sessions.

Higher Earning Potential
Given their consistent and positive results, our practitioners report that their ability to earn more for their unique skillset is pronounced.
Increased Referrals

93% of our practitioners say existing clients refer new clients to them because of the results they achieve with MAT.

Practitioner Database
Let us feature your success by listing you on our exclusive Find A Practitioner database and get clients to contact you directly for services.

Our practitioners come from all over the world to learn this valuable skillset. We are proud of our community of driven individuals making a difference every day!

*The above percentages are based on a 2020 survey measuring the success of our practitioners.

Suggested Reading

Jumpstart Into MAT

The initial principles behind Muscle Activation Techniques, explained in depth. Greg Roskopf breaks down the science behind the defining body works break through modality of Muscle Activation Techniques. A detailed guide to increase range of motion, accelerate recovery, and unleash the body’s healing power via learning range of motion exams and specific muscle isometrics.



Shannon Maixner

“I was just speaking with a Physical Therapist who has owned his own practice for 21 years and is now shutting it down because of insurance reimbursements. What I am finding with MAT, is that it can be a cash-based system. MAT is a very good  supplement so that physical therapy practices can survive and thrive.”

- MATRx Practitioner and Physical Therapist

Laura Whiteley

“I had a military vet come to me with neck pain and he had been seen by every medical provider. They were getting ready to insert a pain pump into his neck because they couldn’t solve his issues. We did MAT twice and he came to me the next morning, I was actually running on the treadmill at the gym and he came up and stopped me with tears in his eyes and said “I woke up this morning with no pain.”

- MAT Specialist and Physical Therapist

Dave Reed

“Managing a fitness facility, training trainers, and working with clients. I myself was so broken down I had to quit working out. I had tried everything to get my body on track, but couldn’t get over chronic pain at 26 years old. In my search I stumbled upon MAT, and thought MAT made more sense than anything I encountered. It is by far the most rewarding and challenging thing I’ve ever done.”

- MATRX Practitioner and Exercise Professional

Glenn Haugk

“My first exposure to MAT was as a client. I had multiple failed experiences with physical therapy – they could get me out of pain, but I couldn’t return to any type of physical lifestyle, and I was only 20 years old. I found people that did MAT, who prescribed appropriate exercises, and it escalated to where I am today. As I started going down the personal training route I didn’t know if I was going to stay in that field, and when I learned MAT, it catapulted how I could help people.”

- MATRX Practitioner and Personal Trainer