Corporate Wellness Solutions & Clinic Owner Opportunities

Corporate Wellness

Reducing Injury and Improving Productivity

Using the principles of early intervention, MAT practitioners work onsite with your employees to keep them healthy, productive and prevent injuries. By investing in early intervention, you can avoid injury to your workers and decrease workmans compensation costs. Our clients have lowered their recordable and lost time injury rates, and improved overall employee engagement. Contact us to learn how MAT can benefit your business.
Clinic Owners

Learn About Our MAT Training Solutions

Clinic Team Education

MAT Specialist Certification training includes 4 single subject areas. Each module training includes 12 weeks of instructor led online education, with the opportunity to have an instructor come onsite to your facility at the completion for review and testing. Accelerated training options available upon request.

Advance Your Team With MAT

Clinic Wellness: Need A MAT Practitioner At Your Facility?

Hire a MAT Practitioner for your business and rise above your competition. We have hundreds of advanced MAT practitioners worldwide that we can connect you with, as well as new practitioners graduating quarterly, ready to make a difference! Let us help find you a skilled MAT practitioner that fits your team.