MAT Courses & Certifications

3 Levels

We have multiple levels within our education continuum. Each level builds on the skillset of the previous level. Becoming proficient in this hands-on treatment process involves the ability to execute the steps with precision.

Our Revolutionary Courses & Certifications

Participants must begin in the Specialist level before progressing into the Mastery level material and beyond. 

9 Courses
4 Certifications

Learn the process of Neuromuscular Therapy that restores muscle imbalances and improve performance and overall well-being.

You must begin at the Specialist level when starting the process of becoming an MAT Certified Practitioner.

We recommend you begin with the Lower Body courses (Hip, Knee, Foot) and upon completing the Lower Body Certification and move into our other Techniques courses.

Learn more about our certification levels by clicking through.

6 Courses
6 Certifications

Further your MAT knowledge, begin learning passive assessments, and refine your hands-on skills.

You must hold a Specialist level certification to take a Mastery level course.

Start with the body part of your preference and continue in any order as you head towards certification.

The opportunity to certify individually in the Mastery level is possible. Learn more by clicking through.

Our Elite Education

Regardless if you are in the clinical or professional sports setting, our advanced courses and certifications build off of our foundational education to optimize human performance like never before.

MATRx Foot
Launched 2024

There are 50 muscles that attach from the knee down. All these muscles must be able to contract efficiently in order for the muscles to support the foot, the ankle, and the knee joints. This upcoming course opportunity will teach the Rx Principles and the protocols for the most effective neuromuscular treatment to optimize foot function.

You must complete the Mastery Foot Function course and certification before registering for the MATRx Foot course.

More details to come.

MAT Athlete
Launched 2024

The MAT Athlete process is the most effective treatment protocol for professional athletes. It ensures efficient recovery, total body stability, injury prevention, and enhanced performance.

You must complete all prior courses and certifications before moving forward with the MAT Athlete process.

More details to come 

MATRx Full Body
4 Courses
1 Certification

MATRx is a patented 43 movement treatment process that organizes the neuromuscular hierarchy laid out by the body. This process allows the practitioner to optimize the neuromuscular system and increases the body’s ability to tolerate forces beyond traditional rehabilitation protocols.

You must complete all prior Mastery courses and certifications before moving forward with MATRx.

Given that MATRx is a 43 movement pattern process, we require practitioners to take the material in order.

Our MATRx program is offered once annually with a limited number of participants who work directly with Greg Roskopf.

MATRx Conference
Rx Conference

The MATRx Conference offers our highest level practitioners a 2-day practical application review as Greg Roskopf will directly address the updates and changes to the process relating to his continual research and development. Only Full Body Certified Rx Practitioners will be in attendance.

Only Full Body Certified Rx Practitioners are allowed.

Our MATRx Conference is offered once annually with a limited number of participants.

MATRx Stim
1 Course

An advanced level of assessment and treatment through challenging and raising tolerance levels utilizing the electric stim machine.

You must complete the MATRx Full Body Certification and have attended a MATRx Conference within the past year.

You must purchase the NeuX Stim machine.

This course is fully online.