MAT For Physical Therapists

MAT Gives Physical Therapists The Ability To Utilize A Checks And Balances System For PT Protocols

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MAT gives Physical Therapists the ability to utilize a check and balances system so that they are able to confirm how an individual client’s neuromuscular system is able to tolerate PT protocols, treatments, and exercises. This checks and balances system enables PTs to identify and correct muscular imbalances that relate to altered communication within the nervous system and the muscular system.

For Example: Soft tissue manipulation can be beneficial in breaking up scar tissue in a post op situation. However without the proper ability to check how that treatment effected the client’s individual system, the PT may leave the client vulnerable and unstable according to their unique tolerance level to that soft tissue treatment. 

Top 3 Reasons Physical Therapists Love MAT

Fast Client Outcomes

100% of our practitioners say that MAT gives them a unique skillset in their individual market based on a 2021 survey measuring the success of our practitioners.

Increased Client Referrals

90% of our practitioners say that their client’s initial complaints or muscular dysfunctions are completely resolved in 1 of 10 MAT sessions.


Higher Session Charges

Given their consistent and positive results, our practitioners report that their ability to earn more for their unique skillset is pronounced.



Shannon Maixner

“I am so grateful for MAT and I am always so blown away by the results!”

- MATRx, Physical Therapist

Laura Whiteley

“MAT has allowed me to live the professional life of my dreams and help so many more people than I thought possible.”

- MAT Specialist, Physical Therapist
MAT: A Tool For Physical Therapists

Measuring Tolerance Levels

In order for PTs to most effectively stabilize joints and protect their client from further injury they need the ability to measure the tolerance level for forces put on a client’s body.
When we mention forces we mean anything from jogging, getting an ACL reconstruction surgery, PT treatment protocols, to general daily activities. Everyone’s system is able to “tolerate” a different level of forces based on their individual medical history and their current state of health. With MAT, PTs have the ability to see a base line of where the client is at in this moment of time, while taking into account current and previous injuries.
What MAT Gives Physical Therapists

MAT Gives Physical Therapists The Ability To Create A Customized Treatment Plan Based On Unqiue Client Needs

MAT creates a unique experience that other licensed medical professionals aren’t able to provide due to strict insurance-based protocols. This is beneficial in post op treatment because PTs can work, using their MAT skillset, to develop an indivdualized experience that caters to each client’s recovery and creates a stable environment for the  body to heal.

As mentioned above most PTs follow specific treatment protocols according to typical healing tracks for an injury or surgery recovery. While this can be a helpful baseline to review, MAT gives therapists a clear insight into the needs of each individual system to ensure proper healing.

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