Foundations Of MAT

In our Foundations course, you will do a deep dive into what MAT is, how it was developed, and how MAT fills a void in conventional rehab and exercise protocols.
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Learning the revolutionary techniques of MAT begins with understanding the paradigm shift in thought processes and traditional teachings for how the neuromuscular system impacts all movement and body mechanics.

In our Foundations course, you will do a deep dive into what MAT is, how it was developed, and how MAT fills a void in conventional rehab and exercise protocols.

Keep in mind that we have our Foundations course bundled with our Lower Body Course options of Foot, Knee, and Hip. These techniques courses teach the hands on portion of our modality.

What You Will Learn

Foundations of MAT
Our Foundations of MAT course touches on important points to ensure that you have the most well-rounded foundation of information prior to learning the practical skillset that will change your client outcomes for the better!
Human Mechanics 101:
In order to properly assess for deviations in posture, function, and gait, we must first understand how the body functions. Learn how we [at MAT] view the human body as a complete integrated system of isolated parts and how we take a holistic approach to helping service our clientele in reducing their pain and discomfort.
MAT Checks and Balances:
Given that each of our clients have unique medical histories, we know that their individual tolerance levels for their body system will be completely different from any other client. MAT gives the practitioner unique skills to assess limitation, treat accordingly, and reassess motion. The ability to check your work is what separates MAT away from other modalities.
The Nervous System:
Muscles cannot function without input from the central nervous system, learn how MAT utilizes our bodies two major divisions of the nervous system to help alleviate and address the root cause of discomfort, pain, and instability.
Muscle Function:
From a neurophysiological basis of muscle testing to identifying muscle weaknesses, understanding muscle function is at the core of our courses.
Muscle Tightness As Muscle Weakness:
The foundational principle - muscle tightness, is the result of muscle weakness – is at the core of MAT. This principle separates MAT from other muscle-based modalities.
What Causes Muscle Weakness:
Where there is stress, trauma, or overuse, the strength tolerance level of that muscle has been exceeded. The resulting inflammation alters the communication pathway between the nervous system and the muscle. The muscle can no longer contract properly, thus it progressively weakens. Learn MAT’s approach on how to assess, address, and correct these weaknesses for your clients.
What Causes Muscle Dysfunction:
Learn about how muscle dysfunction is caused by the interaction of local and systemic factors, why it happens, and what can be done to fix it.
How MAT Uses Muscle Testing:
Learn how we use specific assessment techniques that are designed to determine where altered neuromuscular function is occurring in the body.
How the Muscular System Affects All Aspects Of Health:
The muscular system is a powerful body system that gets overlooked in conventional medicine for its direct impact on overall health. Learn how obtaining optimal muscular function will affect your well-being.

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There are 22 proprietary lectures and seminar videos to allow for a more well-rounded digital learning experience. Our videos go hand in hand with the content presented in the Foundations of MAT course material that is embedded in the content alongside the correlating videos.

Bonus! The ability to interact with the course material and other participants within the course allows for participants to ask questions as they progress through each chapter more than ever before! We are excited for you to get started now and see for yourself how powerful this community is.

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Course content is accessible from within the MAT Community app. This content is delivered online and is learn at your own pace with online video lectures, video assignments, reading assignments and virtual feedback from top MAT instructors. 

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