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Here are the ways you can get started with Muscle Activation Techniques

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Journey Into MAT

Gain an understanding of Greg Roskopf’s professional observations and the development of the Muscle Activation Techniques modality. Explore his findings, how he applied them to his day to day client sessions, and eventually developed the process into certification modules available online now.

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Jumpstart Into MAT

The initial principles behind Muscle Activation Techniques, explained in depth. Greg Roskopf breaks down the science behind the defining body works break through modality of Muscle Activation Techniques. A detailed guide to increase range of motion, accelerate recovery, and unleash the body’s healing power via learning range of motion exams and specific muscle isometrics.

Physical Book
04 Certifications

Our Certifications

We offer certifications to practitioners of all walks of life to improve their client outcomes utilizing our revolutionary process. In our education continuum, our entry level certification is our Specialist level modules. These modules give practitioners the ability to reduce risk of injury for their client, and  give them a better quality of life.

Lower Body Module
Upper Body Module
Trunk & Spine Module
Cervical, Hand & Foot Module
05 Degrees

Accredited Program

The Associate of Applied Science in Muscle Activation Techniques degree program enhances a student’s current competencies related to the human body and muscle function in the health and wellness field. The Associates Degree is combined of core courses: the four MAT Specialist Modules, the six MAT Mastery Modules, Entrepreneurship for Practitioners, Advertising and Promotion, and 24 required general education requirements.

Associates Degree